Sales force Automation guide to KPIs and Metrics


Sales force Automation guide to KPIs and Metrics

The next big thing in the new age of customers is 'Client experience,' where the customer is king and no sales pitches are required. The harsh reality of a field force's life is that they can only win at selling if they can assist consumers to win in the way that they like.

The pharma salesforce automation software is no exception. It's a profitable marketing method for uncovering a customer's objectives and proposing a solution that meets those demands during a customer engagement. The sales force is spending more time digitally dealing with clients through data-driven tactics in this new era of digital presenting, which is a beneficial move.

On the other hand, Emerging trends will boost field force management to the next level, embracing modern-day technologies and embedded data securities. Future trends of salesforce automation software striving for excellence will make it easier for firms to manage their sales activity. As a result, their service quality improves resulting in salesforce effectiveness.

Let’s take a glimpse of it:

Salesforce Automation enables Salesforce effectiveness with some key strategies like

  • Profiling and Targeting – Prescribed customers and targets defined by a value
  • Call reporting optimization – All the database, hierarchy, and focus of sales force activity(call coverage)
  • Insights & Analytics – Ability to monitor, track salesforce metrics, and take tactical decisions
  • Forward Planning – Facilitates salesforce metrics at territory and customer levels with MTP/STP.
  • Upskilling & Quizzes – Enabling joint feedback work which includes coaching, E-learning, and Quizzes for your field force.

SAN SFE tool has a lot of transparency where it automatically ensures smooth functioning of the workforce and this makes every activity more productive and profitable. Salesforce Effectiveness i.e the overall performance of the medical representatives can be uplifted by the use SANeForce Salesforce Automation.

Though the demand for Pharma Salesforce Automation has increased rapidly in the pharmaceutical industry, Diverse people have named them differently, like Salesforce Automation Software(SFE), Customer Relationship Management, or MR Reporting Software.

Let’s still drill down into a few of SAN SFE KPIs and Metrics:

Masters KPIs -

✔ No of Customers (Doctors/Pharmacies) in the MSL Territory/Region/Zone wise vis a vis Target
✔ Span of Control: Sales Rep to Manager Ratio Region/Zone Wise
✔ Specialties wise Count vis a vis Target
✔ Specialties wise Count vis a vis Target
✔ Category /Qualification Doctors Count vis a vis Target
✔ Region/Zone wise No of Clusters vis a vis Target
✔ Doctors Class – Actual Count vis a vis Target
✔ Category wise Pharmacies: Actual vis a vis Target
✔ Territory Alignment: No of Territories (Actual) vs. Plan

Sales KPIs (Month /Qtr/YTD)

✔ %Sales vs Achievement
✔ Productivity Per Rep Month
✔ % Sales Growth
✔ % Core, Non-Core, New Brands Achievement
✔ % Core, Non-Core, New Brands Growth
✔ % Market Share –Pan India/State level

Salesforce Effectiveness KPIs (Rep/Managers) -

✔ Field Working Days
✔ Doctors Coverage
✔ Frequency of Calls
✔ Call Average
✔ Missed Doctors-Overall/Category/Class/Specialty
✔ Core/Non Core Doctors % Coverage/Frequency/Call Average
✔ Class wise Doctors % Coverage/Frequency/Call Average
✔ JFW Managers with Reps
✔ Territory Alignment: No of Territories (Actual) vs. Plan
✔ Managers Field Work Optimization-Plan vs Execution
✔ FLM/SLM/NSM –Doctors Coverage in 6 months /1 Year Frequency
✔ Category/Class wise/Specialty wise Doctors Visit.

Marketing KPIs –

✔ Brand Exposures
✔ Brand Detailing Priority
✔ Samples Distribution –Target vs Actuals
✔ Inputs Utilization –Target vs Actuals
✔ Samples/Inputs Utilization –Category/Class/Specialty wise
✔ Core/Non Core Doctors % Coverage/Frequency/Call Average
✔ Class wise Doctors % Coverage/Frequency/Call Average
✔ Key Messages Tracking –No of Messages liked by Doctors, Brand wise
✔ Campaigns –No of Campaigns Executed, Coverage/Frequency of Doctors Tagged for Campaign
✔ No of CMEs, RTMs, SGDs Executed –Target vs Actuals
✔ Slides Analysis –Time Spent Slide /Brand wise (CLM)
✔ Doctors Profiling –No of Doctors Profiled vis a vis Target
✔ No Doctors Engaged thru Remote Detailing

Training KPIs -

✔ Knowledge Scores -Reps/Managers
✔ Number of Coaching feedback submitted Online by Managers

KPIs Planning & Reporting (Reps/Managers) -

✔ Tour Plan: No Deviations vis a vis Plan s
✔ Daily Call Reports (Reps/Managers)
✔ No of Missed Days
✔ No of Locked Reports/ Release Status
✔ DCR Approval Status – For Managers

Stay Ahead of the curve by implementing SANeForce Salesforce Automation.

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