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About Us

SANeForce provides Field Force Automation services for businesses of all sizes across a range of Industries such as Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Diagnostic and Consumer goods Industry. Our central goal is to create innovative that improves the Automation services from traditional methods through better correspondence. We, at SANeForce, are committed to delivering quality and user-friendly services that meets and exceed client requirements, the first time and every time. Dedicated to helping you.

With over 100,0000+ users in our platform SANeForce has been a true leader in easing the adaptation process of Automation. Us Spread Our Clients In Africa, Asia And MENA Region.

At SANeForce, We have a team of top-notch technical experts who have the ability to build and configure online Sales Force Automation, Order Management and Payroll Management Services to match your team's exact requirements. Our strong tech knowledge, years of experience, drive to be Innovative and Pro-activeness have helped us in developing comprehensive and end-to-end service. Our team is our stronghold and we believe in nurturing a healthy and productive environment.

We understand the role and responsibility of a Field Force and while most companies take time to review and understand your requirements, we already have a solution on our platform. In any case, with our technical and functional know-how, we Together can analyze and derive at specific requirements that suit your organization. Our services have been built based an on intrinsic understanding of the latest trends and nuances of the Industry.