Best MR Reporting Software With Advance Key Features

In the present day, most pharma companies need to be advanced enough to continuously optimize their sales force resources by leveraging the best MR Reporting software.

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5 Best CRM Software for Pharmaceuticals Businesses

No one wants to know about the good old days when outstanding customer service was said to be a luxury, now it’s considered as an absolute necessity for every business no matter the size.

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Case Study: The importance of Activity Module (Custom Field Creation) in MR Reporting Software.

SANeForce’s this particular case study lets you know that we as an organization capable of doing things beyond expectations

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Field Force Management with Essential SFA MR Reporting Software

Several companies nowadays cannot survive without a strong field force to function in today’s market scenario. They should be ready to knock on every door to grab..

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Expense Management Software for your Medical Reps!!

With SANeForce’s expense management software, you can give your field staff managers the capacity and resources to enter, submit, and get approval expenses on the move.

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5 Pharmaceutical Industry Trends for your Marketing Strategy-2022

The pandemic changed the way marketing was done for many industries and organizations. So we are all eager to know how did it exactly change pharma marketing?

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Learn-How Pharma Business Can Take Great Strides With Sales Force Automation

With 2022 almost coming to an end, many businesses are noticing the advancements in the world of digitization, working flexibility, and cutthroat competition...

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Looking Beyond 2021: What AI Is Changing The Future Of Payroll

With 2022 almost coming to an end, many businesses are noticing the advancements in the world of digitization, working flexibility, and cutthroat competition...

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10 Upsides of Using a Mobile Field Sales App for FMCG & CPG Companies

Every field force representatives are the most direct contact with distributors, retailers, and the market;they play important role.

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A central place for remote-detailing with HCPs/Doctors

SANeForce is specially designed by enduring the functional knowledge of more than 21+ years and by gathering the requirements.

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7 Unique MR Reporting Software Product Updates…You Need to know!!

Very Recently the Pharmaceutical Industries reached heights in involving many trends of innovations in their marketing strategies.

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Best MR Reporting Software. What Pharma Industries should focus on.

SANeForce MR Reporting Software for Pharmaceutical Industry works both Online and Offline. This manages and automates the work of field force

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Why Sales Force Automation Is Important?(SFA) in Detail?

Sales Force Automation (SFA) refers to the software that helps to make field force management smooth for every employee in an organisation.

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Leave Policies for 2022. What HR should focus on.

Flexibility is a particular area that has grown immensely as 86% see policies like flex schedules and remote working, as an effective way to attract and engage talent.

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A Goal Oriented Approach – Customer Onboarding and Implementation

Onboarding & Implementation are crucial parts of business success which reflect in long term. SANeForce Customer Onboarding Team makes a series of actions taken

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Payroll Software Now And For the Future- Explained

When your business is juggling factors like employees’ wages and salaries, employee benefits and incentives, tax deductions, slips and more...

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Read This! Before Choosing Your Payroll Software

Are you aware that choosing the right payroll software can make or break your business procedure? There’s plenty of room to sort via...

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HR Software

Recruitment Module! Need in the Payroll and HR Software

“Build bridges of trust through data, technology” & “Unlocking potentials of every candidate” we have developed HR software for every industry.

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Salesforce Automation

How Can Sales Force Automation Help You Win Clients and Shape the Pharma Market?

The next big thing in the new age of customers is 'Client experience' where the customer is king and no sales pitches are required.

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MR Reporting Software saves hours of time to focus on productivity & profitability.

Managing Field force is never been this easy as ever!! Much user-friendly with all pharma relevant functionalities. Adding something interesting to MR Reporting Software?

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Pharma Sales Force Automation is a CRM platform

Every business organization has a productive Pharma Sales Force Automation software that directly interacts with customers and gathers customer feedback.

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Pharma CRM: 12 Reasons Why You Should Implement this Software

Almost every Industry is gaining great results in implementing Pharma CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software into their daily functioning.

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What is the role of ERP in the Pharmaceutical industry of India?

In the present pandemic situation, all the major and small scale industrial sectors are continuously undergoing massive changes both internally and externally.

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Get to know the difference between sales force automation and CRM

With each passing day, more companies are leveraging the importance and benefits gained by using sales force automation technology for their day-to-day business.

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What Does Sales Force Automation (SFA) Mean? SANeForce Explains it...

SANeForce offers the world's leading pharmaceutical companies the best automation solutions with customer-specific modules and technical support by our executives.

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Improve Sales team efficiency leveraging the latest technology.

SalesForce Automation helps many FMCG companies in many ways and recently has caught the eye of many small and medium scale enterprises across the globe.

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Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Has your company's remote detailing improved?

SANeForce Remote Detailing: While field force used to rely mostly on scientific papers, traditional brochures,& cards. E-detailing is more powerful, making textual materials redundant.

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Top 5 Pharma CRM Implementation Challenges & how to avoid them..

SANeForce Pharma CRM helps to enhance customer satisfaction & customer retention. The pharmaceutical industry leveraging is considered the right strategy because it helps in building lifetime relationships with doctors, chemists, stockists and other people.

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Learn Why Implementation of Sales Force Automation Software is important

Digital transformation enables companies in all sectors to change the way they are functioning their day to day operations. More and more companies are choosing to scale up their businesses by enabling tech-enabled processes while replacing their age old traditional systems.

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Leveraging unique doctor maintenance through De-Duplication Pharma Reporting

In today’s digital world of businesses, the demand for whole new transformation making inroads to adding a layer of digitization in your marketing strategy involves implementing De-Duplication of Doctor or Common Doctor maintenance or Unique Doctor analysis.

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Why Adding Biometrics Attendance To Your HR & Payroll Software Is Crucial?

Make your HR department free from chaos, manual errors to match up with the unparalleled ability by integrating it into HR and Payroll Software..

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Embracing Remote Detailing in the new reality

E-Detailing:Imagine a New Magnitude of instant live engagement and real-time interaction for Pharmaceutical industry boosting productivity and profitability.

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How to own Order Booking App like a Pro?

Order Management App Making Field force proactive with these multitudes of field activities such as contacting, visiting retailers, distributors and executing multiple schemes, and mainly collecting orders in means while trying to up sell/cross-sell leveraging brand strategy of schemes, visual merchandising, and achieving targets.

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Reinventing the Wheel – Van Sales Management!

Mobile based handheld tracking of the ready stock sales, inventory management for direct store delivery options with Van Sales Management. This acts as backbone for every FMCG, CPG and Retail Software with Route Optimization, Inventory Management, Field Force Tracking, real time stock details, collections and distribution.

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Keep your Payroll & HR Services on a roll! Automate it!!

With SANeForce payroll & HR Software & HR system, you can ensure statutory components, compliance, reduce risk, and plan for future development. Payroll & HR software solutions that are personalized to your company's goals, size, location and offering it to a diverse fields of industrial sectors.

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Unleash Epic Closed Loop Marketing in a New Light!

Pharmaceutical companies must embrace new communication channels to stay competitive. Amazingly it’s Closed Loop Marketing with E-detailing, Remote Detailing. A new way to transform your Businesses into Digital Initiatives.

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22 Feb

Will MR Reporting Software Ever rule the Pharma Business?

Of Course, A big yesss!!
Thousands of medical reps are engaged to the right tool MR Reporting Software, and they rush from door to door, hoping to snag a few minutes from the busy HCP's schedule to communicate.

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How come a good Payroll & HRM Software provider help your business grow over time?

Payroll Management Software provides onboarding, payroll record management, and even termination procedures for employees. You will experience a fully-fledged hr department to go paperless.

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Get out of the HR and Payroll chaos, Focus on your employees!

Implementing Payroll & HRM software entails giving your all in all you do! All thanks to the strategic, cloud hosted services from SANeForce to ease business operations and boost productivity.

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mr reporting software

GEO Fencing & GEO Tagging turnkey for every Sales Force Automation Software

Geo Tagging & Geo Fencing Salesforce Automation has capitalized features that every industry in today’s world is in need of. And hence we have incorporated these exemplary features...

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Multipurpose template

5 Approaches for an FMCG Business to Enhance Revenues

Sales Force Automation systems have provided significant support and benefits to a variety of industries, with FMCG being one of them. As a competitive business, this year's activities have seen a lot of growth.

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edetailing app

The paradigm shift from traditional detailing is must!!

The days of sales reps meeting doctors, shaking hands, and delivering materials in hospitals and clinics are long gone. It is now a certainty owing to the world's infamous novel corona virus. Needless to say even Physicians understand this better and are anticipated for the better digital transformation.

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Will Pharmaceutical Companies really gain a revenue boost and productivity with Sales Force Automation?

SAN Pharma SFA is no exception. It's a successful sales tool for unleashing the needs and proposing a solution the meets those needs during a customer encounter.The sales team is spending more time ...

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E-Detailing [CLM] - The key to Pharma Marketing Strategy

E-Detailing is a means of visual presentation that is being used by pharma companies to explain and promote their products to doctors, encouraging them to refer it to their patients. It typically uses a large screen device such as a tablet or iPad where the slides containing a graphical presentation ...

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How To Retain Doctor Business With Your Company

Doctors take a crucial role in the sale of your products. They are those who hold the power to either grow your business or that of your competitor. But like everyone, they are human and there are ways you can win them over. So what can you do to get them on your side?
Find out below with some tips …

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Sales Force Automation In The Pharmaceutical Industry: Challenges and Successes

Pharmaceutical companies for a while now have employed pharma SFE software to use online/offline reporting to facilitate updating of reports by the MRs and its review by the management. The use of mobile apps in particular has been useful in tracking live updates and providing the user freedom from having to be in office...

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Payroll Software

The Benefits of Employee Training and Development Programs

In today's fast-paced business world, employee training and development programs have become a critical part of any successful organisation. These programs are designed to help employees enhance their skills, knowledge, and abilities, allowing them to become more productive and efficient in their roles ...

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Payroll Management Software

The Role of HR in Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

Diversity and inclusion are essential components of any successful business. By creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, companies can harness the unique talents and perspectives of their employees to drive innovation and growth. However, achieving diversity and inclusion is not always easy, and it requires a concerted effort from ...

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Sales Force Automation

Role of SFA in Pharma Business Automation

Sales force automation (SFA) has revolutionized the way sales operations are managed in various industries, including the pharmaceutical sector. Gone are the days of paper-based sales reports, manual tracking of sales activities, and limited access to customer information. The pharma industry in India has been growing steadily over ...

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FMCG Software

The Role of Reports and Analytics in FMCG Sales Force Automation Software

Sales force automation (SFA) has revolutionized the way sales operations are managed in various industries, including the pharmaceutical sector. Gone are the days of paper-based sales reports, manual tracking of sales activities, and limited access to customer information. The pharma industry in India has been growing steadily over ...

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