Embracing Remote Detailing as the new reality


Imagine a New Magnitude of instant live engagement and real-time interaction for the Pharmaceutical industry boosting productivity and profitability. E-Detailing is a Digital Platform that focuses on Brands/Services Promotion by the SalesForce Automation via electronic devices of Tablets or I pads.

The techniques and strategies from SAN CLM Edetailing integrated Remote Detailing paved the way in doubling and increasing up to tenfold of calls with HCP’s in the Global Pharmaceutical Industry.

Yes! You read that right!!

Convert your business into the most innovative digital detailing where you can better approach customer accessibility and engagement.

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SAN CLM E-Detailing integrated with Remote Detailing Solution makes HCP’s and pharmacists agree to give much of their time in engaging, educational, and impactful.

Have you ever wondered how to ensure Doctors Accessibility and Engagement?

Simple as that in assuring these below-mentioned benefits for Doctors and the Pharmaceutical companies from the E-Detailing Pharma Software.

Benefits in the Doctor's Perspective:-

* Avoids congregation of people, which is very critical during the pandemic times. Ensures safety to both the HCP, Patients & Medical Reps.
* Facilitates continuous interactions with Pharmaceutical Companies medical reps, similar to Face to Face calls.
* Appointments can be fixed as per the doctors convenience, hence no rush to cut short the call.
* Convenient, Efficient & Low Disruptions in Digital Interactions.

Benefits in the Doctor's Perspective:-

* Ensures optimal doctors coverage, as the hard-to-reach doctors can be reached.
* Facilitates deeper, meaningful discussions with doctors, thereby extending the conversation time with the doctors.
* Compliments the Face to Face calls takes care of geographic barriers by offering better flexibility.
* With CLM, ensures effective call planning by the medical reps.
* Precision in communication. Meets the needs of the doctors.
* Facilitates effective feedback from doctors & captures the key brand messages that have appealed to the Doctors.
* Effective Tool to conduct CMEs, Internal Meetings.

A New Reality that gives voice at times of recession, pandemic, uncertainty, and calls for digital change is SAN CLM integrated Remote Detailing Solution. Traditional marketing efforts entail zero flexibility for the HCP’s as well as the time computing process for the medical reps.

SANeForce Pharma CRM delivers an opportunity to make HCP’s remember e-detailing slides while the medical reps can also record the physician's behavior in time becomes plausible. SAN CLM integrated Remote Detailing Solution facilitates online virtual calls & meetings with HCP’s while enhancing engagement & accessibility by the sales & marketing teams, Higher Authorities.

Get proven facts on the HCP’s surveys on virtual engagements!

87 % of Doctors, Physicians want a mix of virtual and in-person meetings or all virtual meetings. Also, they want to get through the contents, slides, self-guided virtual details during weekends but in a digital format even after or in due pandemic times.

Despite having very little time to meet with Physicians, Medical Reps are under a lot of pressure to accomplish sales targets.

Now, SAN CLM E-Detailing is embraced by every Global Pharma Business as there is a much need for this. E-detailing Pharma Software that interrelates whole communication reporting efforts of the medical reps as well as the physicians which actually acts as the Pharma CRM. The data captured from the remote calls and F2F calls in turn makes the data extend for reporting, promotional quality with quantifying data and reducing field expenses.

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Get your Pharma Business work on the strategies that bounce back faster, achieve your KPIs and boost productivity.

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