Pharmaceutical Companies really gain a revenue boost and productivity with Sales Force Automation

Most pharmaceutical firms place a high priority on medical reps' activities, but managers' efforts to increase team productivity are less often regarded. With Pharma SFA hyper-intelligent dashboards and reports. Line managers can easily analyze with a better RoI and territory profitability.

SAN Pharma SFA: Adapting Communication Channels

Stakeholders can be found everywhere, and if they are looking for anything specific, they will go to any length to find it, including any digitalized forums. It's hard to keep track of customers on spreadsheets and maintain them with that traditional detailing. If you miss an important update, however, your competitors might be able to take advantage of the current opportunity. The greatest part about SFA software is that it is easy to implement and can be tailored to meet the needs of any. The device keeps track of the whole conversation and makes it easy to review it later. If the connection develops into a business opportunity, Pharma SFA will seize it quickly.

Handle Loss of Product Discrimination

It is always been feasible part to take segmentation part by implementing SANeForce Pharma SFA. Start-ups and large businesses have distinct requirements and characteristics. In just a few clicks, you can aggregate relevant products, monitor physician response, analyze the sales funnel, sources of territory profitability, and learn other minute information about your products and physician relatively. Apart from the competitiveness, all of them have the potential to converge and contribute to closures.

Improved Sales to Physicians

It can assist you with lead analytics. Users will learn about your Physician interaction and add up remarks, how to convert them into a chance, and then into a much profitable business. Since the whole business applies lead scoring, it's pretty easy to figure out the physician’s behavior and when the best time is to connect.

Effective Marketing Strategies

Advanced drill-down data enables the evaluation of dynamics, key details, and implemented strategies in order to enhance sales effectiveness. The company can receive up-to-date details via the application, regardless of which sales representative is facilitating the business

Targeting New Kinds of Physicians

In no matter of time, the new physicians or the unvisited physician is much noticeable. The marketing efforts of every medical rep wouldn’t be left as even a single effort is taken into account for greater profitability and productivity. Leads can be automatically directed through social sources websites, and marketing campaign

Features that make Pharmaceutical Industries to take SANeForce SalesForce Automation

  • SANeForce Pharma SFA supports both Online and Offline reporting’s
  • User Friendly and configurable Daily Call Reporting
  • Advance month Submission Journey Plan
  • Create Journey Plan in Offline Mode anytime anywhere
  • Offline GPS Location Capturing with multiple types
  • Latest eDetailing option with multiple features
  • Doctor and Chemist Management
  • Real-time Reporting by multiple options
  • Full Expense Management with TA, DA, Fixed and Variable Types
  • Stock & Sales Management - A Customized Solution
  • Physician wise and Employee wise sample Management
  • De-duplication of Doctor is the turnkey
  • RCPA - Real-Time product presence check-up
  • Doctor Education management
  • Many types of Locking and Alerts as per reports and modules
  • SMS integration as per company need
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