Leveraging unique doctor maintenance through De-Duplication Pharma Reporting


In today’s digital world of businesses, the demand for whole new transformation making inroads to adding a layer of digitization in your marketing strategy involves implementingDe-Duplication of Doctor or Common Doctor maintenance or Unique Doctor analysis.

De-Duplication Module: Maintain a unique and common doctor database across all databases. An effortless way of marketing and sales for their products for every HCP, doctor, and customer.

Many of the pharma organizations mainly involve multiple divisions presenting multiple sales forces to a single doctor from their organizations. MR reporting software exactly provides tailored requirements along with an exceptional de-duplication module in the Pharmaceutical SFA software.

If the digital exposure of your products increases this impact results from the increase in digital preference. Hence, SANeForce Pharma Sales Force Automation comprises de-duplication of doctors which is necessary for high turnover revenue generation pharmaceutical companies.

In normal there exists various speciality divisions under which selective MR’s are unique to each category. Various MRs from different divisions or even within the same division may see the same doctor.

Duplicate coverage has a negative impact on operational and marketing costs. The lack of a centralized database and data collecting standards is the main reason behind this.

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Names and addresses are not adequately recorded, and email and contact information is lightly supplied, among other data concerns. If these were properly available, they may be less expensive and more effective communication methods. It's tough to categorize doctors based on the sort of work they conduct or the scope of their profession.

Doctor profiling and unique doctor analysis is critical activity for any pharmaceutical firm since it allows them to continually assess the potential and penetration of the doctors/HCPs they serve. We've also witnessed instances where the same doctor gets called on by MRs from two or more divisions at the same time. This causes redundancy in the database, making it impossible to assess the doctor's true potential.

Doctors are classed not just according to their expertise but also according to how they deliver business to pharmaceutical companies. Some doctors exclusively work in one place, while others work in several. The quantity and type of practice of a doctor can be used to determine their influence. Pharma businesses may use SAN Pharma SFE profiling or De-Duplication tool to segment doctors and understand prescription success depending on these characteristics.

In addition to the common doctor maintenance and de-duplication, Location-based intelligence also strikes a hard rate when it comes to a better RoI and profitability. Pharma businesses may use a map to see their doctor coverage and pharmacies/chemists to see how nearer /close they are to doctors. This helps medical reps for better planning of the Journey plan.

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For implementing this module very precisely in SANeForce Pharma Sales Force Automation we work on capturing data in incorrect, clear, and clean format avoiding duplicates and validation of data. This may be extremely beneficial to pharmaceutical businesses' marketing and sales strategies.

A distinctive list of completed information on doctors can be used for segmentation and categorizations. The data can also be analyzed in conjunction with Rx information to determine the doctor's potential and business.

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