Pharma Sales Force Automation


A Goal Oriented Approach – Customer Onboarding and Implementation

Onboarding & Implementation are crucial parts of business success which reflect in long term. SANeForce Customer Onboarding Team makes a series of actions taken

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Pharma Sales Force Automation is a CRM platform

Every business organization has a productive Pharma Sales Force Automation software that directly interacts with customers and gathers customer feedback.

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Get to know the difference between sales force automation and CRM

With each passing day, more companies are leveraging the importance and benefits gained by using sales force automation technology for their day-to-day business.

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Learn Why Implementation of Sales Force Automation Software is important

Digital transformation enables companies in all sectors to change the way they are functioning their day to day operations. More and more companies are choosing to scale up their businesses by enabling tech-enabled processes while replacing their age old traditional systems.

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Leveraging unique doctor maintenance through De-Duplication Pharma Reporting

In today’s digital world of businesses, the demand for whole new transformation making inroads to adding a layer of digitization in your marketing strategy involves implementing De-Duplication of Doctor or Common Doctor maintenance or Unique Doctor analysis.

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Will Pharmaceutical Companies really gain a revenue boost and productivity with Sales Force Automation?

SAN Pharma SFA is no exception. It's a successful sales tool for unleashing the needs and proposing a solution the meets those needs during a customer encounter.The sales team is spending more time virtually engaging with this current situation via data-driven approaches...

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Sales Force Automation In The Pharmaceutical Industry: Challenges and Successes

Pharmaceutical companies for a while now have employed pharma SFE software to use online/offline reporting to facilitate updating of reports by the MRs and its review by the management. The use of mobile apps in particular has been useful in tracking live updates and providing the user freedom from having to be in office...

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