5 Pharmaceutical Industry Trends for your Marketing Strategy-2022


How technology is impacting the pharma industry?

The pandemic changed the way marketing was done for many industries and organizations. So we are all eager to know how did it exactly change marketing for pharmaceutical companies? 2020 became the year when Pharma CRM was in a state to gain stability amid chaos. Digital technologies came into the picture helping them manage the work done by healthcare professionals (HCP). This, therefore, led to the adoption of digital technologies in each and every sector.

2021 was the time when marketers in the industry were looking more into innovations in digital marketing to target advanced HCPs. This led to the evolution of Medical Rep Software in the sector for the benefit of HCPs. So, what does the future hold for the pharmaceutical sector? A recent study was done to identify the main programmatic trends that are changing the industry in 2022. The results from the study showed that pharma marketing is without a doubt headed toward the world of programmatic advertising. Below we mention the top five trends pharma marketers should keep an eye on this year.

Change your marketing game with these pharma industry trends

  • Marketing Automation & AI
  • Telehealth
  • Leveraging Google Featured Snippets
  • Online Video Engagement
  • Maximum use of RWE

Marketing Automation & AI: Most pharma businesses across the world are always working on multiple tasks such as tracking, recording & engaging with individual buyers which help prioritize customers based on their preferences. This further helps to filter out leads based on the engagement rate which will then be used to measure the revenue contribution of marketing campaigns. Apart from that these tasks manually are tedious, time-consuming, and likely to cause errors. But with the help of marketing automation and AI in the pharma business, a vital solution to several healthcare-related concerns will come into the picture.

Telehealth: Telehealth is another form of marketing trend that has garnered immense momentum during the pandemic era. Many industries and businesses have been leveraging telemedicine and online patient care for their business to scale. It helps to expand the business reach to more patients. Moreover, the telehealth platform will no longer require huge upfront overhead costs. Pharma CRM will now be cost-effective and largely affordable. The only thing a customer will require is an internet connection and a smartphone. Additionally, it will have many other advantages such as increased patient engagement with remote monitoring, improved clinical workflows, seamless business models, and lead patient satisfaction.

Leveraging Google Featured Snippets: Google featured snippets have been considered as one of the revolutionary marketing trends that will to be the best in your niche. All you will require is to produce quality content and format in the way search engines understand thereby helping your business rank high. Moreover, this is a big challenge but it can be made possible by making your content snappable so that Google will be able to recognize your link and help you rank highhelp many sectors to rank higher and gain organic traffic. And in order to achieve this, you don’t have.

Online Video Engagement:Everyone loves visuals. And in 2022, online video engagement has been regarded as one of the key marketing trends that are grabbing everyone's attention. In today’s advanced world every business and company has its own social media profile and website for attracting customers. And this is one of the effective ways to scale their business and make the customers aware of their products. Before committing to your services, patients and customers are required to believe what you are offering which can be gained by online video engagement in Pharma CRM.

Maximum use of RWE:The pandemic saw the need for Real-World Evidence (RWE) in the pharmaceutical sector. And in order to accelerate health research and development, businesses need more receptive and expanded use of RWE. But leveraging RWE in Pharma CRM would be cost-effective and will lead to faster drug development. RWE enables the business to be aware of the biological pathways and unmet needs. Such a way reduces the clinical development cycle thereby reducing costs and time.

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