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Track and Fulfil Order in one system

Order Management Platform of SAN eForce, is about creating, keeping track of orders and managing all the processes required to fulfil them. It is a digital way to manage the lifecycle of an order. It tracks all the information including order entry, inventory management and fulfilment.

Multiple partners involve in an Order management process making it easy to lose control of an order. This might result in expensive manual processes to complete an order without error. An Order Management System can help control costs and generate revenue by automating processes. It will also have an impact on how a customer discerns a business or a brand.

Remove Manual Hold-up

Field Force can effectively capture, review and submit their order on our platform. We bring all the orders in one location to process it from start to finish and therfore cutting dowm upon manual and time-killing mistakes. Eliminate every chance of manual inefficiencies with endtoend process automation

Minimize Fulfilment Costs

One Platform for orders from retailers, chemists, stockist or distributor will reduce time and cost involved in several order processing tasks. With all order in one place it makes it easier to track and fulfil them. We can also perform bulk actions and avoid repetitive tasks.

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Stay up-to-date always

Seamless synchronization with sales channel and partners lets you process orders as soon as you receive them. With real-time order tracking, get immediate updates for you and your customers.

Improve Team Efficiency

You or your team doesn’t need to log in to multiple systemsto keep track of and process your orders anymore. Improved team collabration means improved fulfillment and better results.

Access Sales Reports in real time

Stay up-to date with your sales as and when they happen. Get real time sales data with our Order Management Platform. Orders captured on the go are automatically synced for real time date. Customisable reports makes it easier to drill down reports to view based on requirement.

Omnichannel store fulfillment

From buy online/pickup in-store (BOPIS) to same-day shipping, customers expect as much choice in delivery as they do in channels of engagement. Shoppers expect to be able to have an order fulfilled in a way, time, and place that is most convenient to them. Each touchpoint in the journey presents an opportunity to provide great customer experience to boost retention and revenue. SAN eForce omnichannel capabilities offer customers the type of options that are expected today: ship from store, ship to store, BOPIS, and an endless aisle of inventory. This endless aisle gives customers more options to purchase items from a global inventory that can be fulfilled anywhere.

Global inventory and sourcing

The size of your business should not limit your opportunities for growth. Showing the customer live inventory is incredibly powerful and something an order management system can enable. With the option of utilizing global inventory control, customers are able to view real-time information on where they can purchase and obtain their required products or services. Even if you have a couple of inventory locations – for example, a store and a warehouse – you will have the ability with SAN eForce's global inventory and sourcing to determine the fastest and most cost-effective way to get your products to customers.

Seamless order management

The order management process starts when a customer places an order, and it ends when the service or items are received. From the moment a sale is made to the second it is in-hand, the entire process needs to be as seamless as possible for the customer. Your order management solution needs to make the entire process flow across all touch points. It also needs to happen flawlessly, without delays or other problems. If your order management system cannot meet or surpass customer expectations, you are at risk of losing clients and they will take their business elsewhere.