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MR Reporting Software saves hours of time to focus on productivity & profitability

Managing Field force is never been this easy as ever!! Expand your customer reach via SANeForce MR Reporting Software allows you systemize the journey plan, call reporting, field activity reporting, promotions & Pharma CRM and Expense Monitoring. Much user-friendly with all pharma relevant functionalities.

Adding something interesting to MR Reporting Software?

What Does Sales Force Effectiveness Mean? An organization's sales force's ability to improve their skills and capabilities. This is done to improve their performance and, as a result, to aid the organization's general growth.

Understand Customer Engagement across different channels: Developed purposely to analyze diverse categories like customer/Doctor wise Business analysis, Customer/Doctor CRM Service, Unique Doctor analysis(De-Duplication), Customer productwise analysis, Customer visit reports and insights.

Coordinate & Coach Effective Teams: With real time access to key metrics of field force, SAN SFE MR Reporting software facilitates Joint feedbak reporting enables managers to give comments, paving a way to improve performance, coaching by E-Learning, Quizzes and keeps field force in sync.

End-to-end solution from strategic decision to operation: One technique for increasing sales force effectiveness is to focus the majority of the sales team's efforts on the most profitable market segments. This allows salespeople to prioritise their future work in order to maximise market gains from our SAN SFE Application.

A mobile and a web combined app for sales automation aiding in the end to end productivity improvement of your business sales operation. Other advantages of sales force effectiveness include helping to motivate staff to perform better, enhancing employee retention, improving the reward/compensation structure, and giving better performance evaluation methodologies.

SAN Pharma Reporting Software is highly configurable platform that is purpose-built to aid every pharma industry deriving more value and insights, analytics and third party systems while involving latest security technology to keep the data safe. Striving to be Connected, Comprehensive, Secure and Scalable.

Functions of SANeForce MR Reporting Software to improve productivity: It enables you to capture a wide range of field automation including activity tracking, reporting, order processing, competitor analysis, and more on to do with the Mobile App. On the Web App, SANeForce provides various reports and analytic tools to aggregate, and analyze data captured in your field then set up customizations. Further, SAN SFE has modules to connect with external BI tools, ERP, payment modules and other related services.

Getting you through the overview of all our SAN Pharma SFE Software Modules/ The best modules you could ever get about MR Reporting Software

  • Mobile App for Android & iOSt
  • Offline Reporting & Auto Sync
  • Monthly Tour Plan
  • Daily Call Report
  • Leave Module
  • Automatic Expense Statement
  • Internal Mail System
  • Task Management
  • Flash News & Notice Board
  • Hyper-intelligent Dashboards
  • Work Flow Automation
  • Sample / Input Analysis -Iintegration with ERP
  • RCPA
  • Secondary sales
  • Target
  • CME & Camp Tracking
  • Campaign with Business Tracking
  • Manager Core Doctor Mapping
  • Activity [Custom Field Creation]
  • Quiz
  • Remote Detailing
  • E-Detailing
  • Customer CRM
  • Geo Tagging & Geo Fencing
  • Order Management
  • Customer wise business tracking
  • Doctors De-Duplication- (Unique Doctor Analysis) Implementation
  • RCPA
  • Customer wise Business Entry
  • Target

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