Keep your Payroll & HR Services on a Roll

With our SANeForce payroll Software & HR system, you can ensure statutory components, compliance, reduce risk, and plan for future development. Payroll solutions that are personalized to your company's goals, size, and location.

Simpler, Steadfast Payroll Software & HRM

SANeForce Payroll and HR can assist you in tackling the problems and risks of sourcing, organizing, and providing payroll and HR services. Your HR Team doesn’t have to stuck up in a conference room for their hr process sourcing out the best talents. Faster Hires, Better Hiring, Happier workplaces.

Customized Dashboards

Customers can choose any six parameters to be presented on the dashboard, which can be personalized based on their priorities. Based on the daily data, the current month's attendance has been incorporated from SFA. The approval of the to-do, Notifications, Reminders item will be notified. Make employees feel special by wishing them on their special days. Also, Never miss out on any of your tasks and updates.

Enhanced Efficiency

Avoid the frenzied scene at the HR room at the time of the payday. With the support of SANeforce payroll software and HR, you can unify and streamline your payroll operations and establish a best-in-class model.

Salary & Payslip templates

If your organization requires multiple salary templates, create your own template based on your earnings and detection created in your salary components.

Payroll Process

Payroll can be processed based on each division's process data. Online scheduling and attendance tracking are both available. Management of a team with shift planning. All of your availability and time-off requests are in one place.

Time Tracking

Time tracking and an easy clock-in system. Plan your team's schedule, manage employee shifts, and set weekly hour limits. You'll have a clear picture of shift coverage, and SANeForce will help you stay on track with budgets and work schedules.

Intuitive decision-making

Enjoy a unified view of your workforce data for reporting and analytics, allowing you to make informed fact-based decisions.

Leading-Edge security

SANeForce payroll's data security and privacy standards ensure the safety of your data.

Team transparency is everything

Visualize your work in progress, without having to check in on a regular basis, you can be confident that the right work is being done.

How much does payroll Software cost? In 2021?

Before making a decision on payroll software, businesses should carefully consider pricing.

Although the software can save businesses time and money, it requires the installation and additional costs.

Only a few payroll software vendors provide pricing plans on their websites.

Are you worried about your business finances?

SANeForce Payroll software allows you to simplify your employer responsibilities while avoiding the high costs associated with outsourcing. You can avoid manually calculating wages and taxes by using the software. Rather than adding up an hourly employee's hours and multiplying them by their hourly wage, simply enter them into your software. In addition, the software calculates the taxes you must withhold automatically. You won't have to worry about depositing payroll taxes with the IRS if you use a full-service payroll solution.

Afraid of costly payroll mistakes?

Payroll errors are hefty. Failure to withhold the correct amount of employment taxes may result in IRS penalties. In addition, if you fail to provide overtime pay to non-exempt employees, you may be subject to FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) penalties. Using our payroll system may help you avoid tax mistakes. Hand-multiplying each employee's wages by the Social Security or Medicare tax rate leaves room for error and spreadsheets are the tedious ones.

If you are still unsure of how Payroll and HRM by SANeForce help your HR Department.
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