Unleash Epic Closed Loop Marketing in a New Light

Pharmaceutical companies must embrace new communication channels to stay competitive. Amazingly it’s Closed Loop Marketing with E-detailing, Remote Detailing. A new way to transform your Businesses into Digital Initiatives. Customers today want to be valued as people.

Client experience is the name of the game in the new age of customers, and they want offers that are tailored to their tastes. This is true in a variety of industries, including FMCG retail and Pharmaceuticals. As a result, pharma businesses must include the concept of customer experience into their communications and develop a digital strategy centered on a personalized application delivering Closed Loop Marketing.

These new developments provide Pharmaceutical Industry, with an excellent opportunity to develop new e-detailing strategies (i.e. digitalization of sales content on a mobile device, app with exceptional compatibility). Because of this new concept's inception, CLM has had a significant impact on pharma businesses, creating a significant change in corporate culture and working methods.

Physicians' mindset have changed since the 2000s: they are more and more connected – 67 percent of HCPs use mobile technology as part of their job – and they are accustomed to accessing information quickly and effortlessly. They also don't have as much time for visits from representatives (reps).

HCPs require information at all times, in any location, and in any format. While the majority of people still prefer face-to-face contact, a sizable percentage favors internet communication.

Well Yes, That’s Why I suggested Closed-Loop Marketing Highlights

An Innovative and Essential Closed-Loop Marketing for Pharma Companies

With the intervention of the Digital Detailing Procedures such as E-Detailing and Remote Detailing, you can be more transparent, efficient, and profitable. CLM enables pharma companies to target HCPs more precisely and establish market segments more precisely. Understanding HCP preferences and behaviors allow for a precise targeting strategy defined by material tailored to each consumer. As a result, each key message reaches its intended audience, and no extraneous or non-informative data is sent to the physician.

Solutions that will change the way you do business in the field

Pharma businesses can use CLM to build a tailored relationship with each HCP and modify their marketing approach so that every delivered critical message reaches its intended audience. Although several pharmaceutical companies have previously implemented the Closed-Loop Marketing, it is a long and difficult process. The SANeForce Pharma SFE and Closed Loop Marketing implementation must be done properly, taking into account all of the tool's benefits and vigilance points.

Features That Empower You to Accelerate Your Business

Pharma companies are required to continuously optimize their sales force resources (MR – medical reps) effectiveness, focus on profitability, manage activities Schedule of all the MR’s Monthly/Quarterly/Half-yearly. Managers can keep track of Medical representatives when they are on the field. On-Demand SANeForce MR reporting software program that helps organizations manage their field activity, manage field staff call reports, daily working analysis, E-Detailing, Sales Stock Management, and user live monitoring using GPS. Managers can view the product promotions done by the MR’s and monitor MR performance too. And Finally, the cream of the app is the Digital Promotion that is done by Edetailing and Remote Detailing in this current Covid19 Situation.

Benefits that can help your company become smarter and more data-driven

Over 21+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical business and Healthcare, SANeForce can help Pharmaceutical Industry implement CLM, Pharma App. We assist you in automating your business processes while maintaining visibility and control. The pharma industry's Salesforce automation software is no exception. It's a popular sales method for uncovering a customer's wants and proposing a solution that meets those demands during a customer engagement. The sales force is spending more time electronically communicating with clients through data-driven tactics in this new era of digital selling, which is a good thing.

Nonetheless, SANeForce MR Reporting Software are highlighting!

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