Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Has your company's remote detailing game improved?

SANeForce Remote Detailing: While the field force used to rely mostly on scientific papers, traditional brochures, and cards.E-detailing is more powerful, making textual materials redundant. Hence, Pharmaceutical sector has incorporated it into its sales pitches.

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Embracing Remote Detailing in the new reality

E-Detailing:Imagine a New Magnitude of instant live engagement and real-time interaction for Pharmaceutical industry boosting productivity and profitability.

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Unleash Epic Closed Loop Marketing in a New Light!

Pharmaceutical companies must embrace new communication channels to stay competitive. Amazingly it’s Closed Loop Marketing with E-detailing, Remote Detailing. A new way to transform your Businesses into Digital Initiatives.

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The paradigm shift from traditional detailing is must!!

The days of sales reps meeting doctors, shaking hands, and delivering materials in hospitals and clinics are long gone. It is now a certainty owing to the world's infamous novel corona virus. Needless to say even Physicians understand this better and are anticipated for the better digital transformation.

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E-Detailing [CLM] - The key to Pharma Marketing Strategy

E-Detailing is a means of visual presentation that is being used by pharma companies to explain and promote their products to doctors, encouraging them to refer it to their patients. It typically uses a large screen device such as a tablet or iPad where the slides containing a graphical presentation of the products are stored. With the ever so competitive…

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