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SANeForce Attendance Management SoftwareNeed of the Hour for any Business - Modernize & digitize the way of monitoring employees for your businesses, corporate, and Managements.

We have a great team to understand, design, configure your business workforce schedules in an efficient way. HR, Attendance Tracking, Payroll, Scheduling, Leave Management, and Labour Cost Tracking are all integrated into one single platform, allowing you to optimise your operations.

The base of any organization is the employees, making the employees work diligently takes your organization to the whole next level. It is also true that providing them with the ease of making attendance, expanding organization division, as well as opportunities naturally results in a plethora of difficulties and one of which is employee attendance management.

Let’s Dig a little Deeper!!

Managing it from a small team to a multi-level hierarchy team can be difficult. Keeping track of the employee’s attendance is essential and the task gets double if it is in the distributed workplace. Henceforth, SANeForce comes up with cloud-based attendance with a real-time capturing system. Enabling it to have a direct impact on the productivity of the organization.

We save time and money by automating attendance tracking. Our SANeForce Attendance management software and time tracking software allow you to check-in and out employees on-site, manage employee shifts, track overtime, and more.

But wait! Here’s more with some of our Highlights.

  • Timely Attendance Management
  • Leave Management System
  • Payroll & Biometric Integration
  • Accurate Reports & Dashboards
  • GEO Location & Mobile Tracking
  • Instant Notification Of Exceptions
  • Expense Management
  • Flexible Attendance Policies
  • Flexible Absenteeism Policies
  • Permission Portals
  • Selfie Based Check-Ins
  • QR code scan based Check-Ins
  • Complex Shift Management

Always stay ahead of the industry! Need more than just attendance management software

Get to know more about our interesting highlights…

It's never been easier to keep track of attendance. Until, you have been used Attendance Management Software

Google Sign-in: The authentication delivered via google sign-in is directly integrated via google drive. Attendance data gets processed in the spreadsheets in real-time. Ease marking attendance!

Distributed Workforce: Be it on-site employees or remote or on the field, employees can instantly check in and check out with their location without any hassle.

Works Offline: Connectivity Issues? No issues! Works offline, saved locally, and then gets transparently synchronized when the user gets online

Live location tracking: Captures real-time with geolocation latitude and longitude. Real-time synchronizations with the server on a real-time basis.

Capture Work Hours: Monitoring work hours alone of employees including OT, OD preventing time theft and inaccurate reporting.

Customizable & Configurable: Every business works in its own way and implements a strategy where it really needs tailored customizations and configurations.

Contactless Check-Ins: Amidst this pandemic crisis, touchless-based attendance check-ins are possible with single sign-in authentication via selfie, QR code scanner. Enjoy diverse and compatible check-in methods.

Centralized workforce Expenses: Configure your business expense modules with approvals, requests, reviews and reports for streamlining revenue & productivity.

Reports and Dashboards: Experience dynamic reports and dashboards to evaluate and analyze everything to maximize productivity. The dashboard gives a detailed report of the users' attendance records of the late missed punch, authentication entry reports, Requests for leave, permission, missed punch, week-off entry, and deviation entry and their status along with extended shift, on-duty, holiday entry status. Then you can find the approvals separately.

The reporting heads can view and download the attendance data of individual users for selected dates. In dashboards maintaining Travel allowance and Daily allowance is available in our TA/ Claims.

Permission Portals: Delivers prompt notifications via Permission Portals for approvals of leave, permission; week offs, and shift management.

Some of our most prominent clients are Hatsun Agro Private limited, Gladstone Pharma India Pvt Ltd, Aurobindo Pharma, FDC Ltd, Erinyle Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, Fourrts (India) Laboratories Pvt Ltd, and many more. Be one of our most prominent clients.

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