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HR Softwaredefines: Under the missions of “Build bridges of trust through data and technology” and “Unlocking potentials of every candidate,” we have developed HR software for every industry. To expand our market coverage and earn extra miles for customers, we keep expanding our organization, diverse modules, and features.

SAN Payroll & HR is a one-stop solution HR software solution.

It's not an easy task to tie employee, team, and department targets with the business. But, what if we say you can steer your way towards your success with perfect alignment of company-wide goals?

  • Employee Database Management
  • Job Vendor Platform
  • Interviews Processes
  • Interview Feedback/ Approvals
  • Interview candidature flow
  • Hierarchy Reporting & JD formats
  • Offer letter management
  • Candidature tracking
  • Templates and Masters

Employee Database Management: Building a resourceful database by making the hiring process by making it transparent, paperless, and process-oriented by systematically organizing the entire HR process with recruiting in our SANeForce Payroll & HR Software. In a few clicks, candidates, recruiters, and managers everything involved in the hiring process.

Faster & Better Hiring Process made Possible!!

From onboarding to on role, and everything in between recruitment, our Payroll & HR Software has you covered across all components of the employee life-cycle. Automate these workflows through our self-on boarding feature, auto-scheduled confirmation reviews, and automatic tax & statutory calculations.

In a few simple steps, you can upload employee data by bulk import and update which syncs across all modules and is always up to date, or enable your staff to do it via the ESS portal. Add new fields and sections to your document category wise which are customizable. Free to create any fields customizable and configurable and not stick to any fundamentals.

Job Vendor Platform: SANeForce HR Software unifies all the sources of Job sites vendor. Get accesses to all other third-party websites of job hunting sites and employee referral programs? From raising a requirement whenever a new member of a team is needed to adding up the necessary info including the preferred pay, abilities, location, and experience. Until sending it in for review. Our HR recruitment software allows the allocated individual to review the criteria and approve or reject the request while also recording the reason for rejection.

Get a predefined JD library and the ability to save JD templates to help you save time and find the correct candidates every time. Link with careers portal directly through our HR Vendor Platform by auto-syncing.

Streamlined Hiring & On-boarding

Interview Processes, Interview Feedback, and approvals: To minimize misinterpretation, schedule as many rounds of interviews as possible by providing the interviewer's name, time, room, and date. Event triggers email sent for notifications. Both the interviewer and the interviewee will receive an email after the interview has been set. Recording feedback by answering the questions and proposing whether he is a good hire or not by using SANeForce HRMS Software.

For various interview feedbacks, the recruiter can create as many templates as needed. Ease the interview process by getting input from more than one interviewer. Taking approvals before sharing the offer letter with the candidate, you can now send it to the system for internal approval.

Recruit at Speed of Light

Hierarchy Reporting & JD formats: Make use of the predefined Jobmaster and the ability to save the Job description templates which helps you in time and find the right candidates every time. Your HR team can find different templates for job templates and offer letter templates according to your business customizations in our SANeForce HR Software.

Create multiple hierarchies and reporting orders for your employees. Also, we do have a scorecard, Incentives structure formation, and rating scale for every employee. Apart from these features, our SANeForce Attendance Software comprises time, and attendance software by steer clearing the manual intervention of updating time and maintaining excel. Apart from general attendance management & its flexible policies, delay punch, shift extension and attendance regularization for large organizations are also possible.

Offer letter management:Manage offer letters as per your company or organization's format. Promote employee collaboration and engagement via our timely event triggers.

Candidature tracking: SANeForce recruitment module automates the tracking of applications and online hiring. Your HR department facilitates each candidate's processes in the program and it is free from calculations, and paperwork chaos. Traditional techniques are no longer sufficient. To keep ahead of the completion in business, companies must improve their employment practices.

To ensure a future-ready workforce, efficient talent acquisition is critical. Enabling to achieve seamless and successful recruitments.

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