A central place for remote-detailing with HCPs/Doctors


A central place for remote-detailing with HCPs/Doctors

SANeForce is specially designed by enduring the functional knowledge of more than 21+ years and by gathering the requirements from pharma industries and with our in-house pharma consultants. It only allows approved content to be shared, has fantastic navigation options, works on all devices, and does not require any plugins!

Upgrade from mobile app to digital Detailing, as it is best solution to enhance engagement and accessibility to a greater level. This also paves a way for a still better option of SANeForce Remote Detailing which makes the link between pharmaceutical and medical representatives with healthcare providers online.

Making medical reps smart by using most intuitive presentation platform SAN CLM which enables them to constantly deliver high impact calls. SANeForce improves call execution of many of the top Pharma industries and healthcare such as FDC, Hetero Healthcare, Medley Pharmaceuticals, Philips Pharma Group, Manipal Hospitals & Blue Cross Laboratories and much more globally.

Everytime, make effortless E-Detailing

Since, SANeForce has been in this industry for almost two decades we have developed a deeper understanding of what pharma and healthcare industries need yesterday while using mobile app, today using our SAN CLM E-Detailing and in future of Remote Detailing.

What is e-detailing? What are the benefits of e-detailing? How does it help our clients to accelerate sales + marketing strategies with SANeForce?

E-Detailing App is a digital platform that focuses on brands/services promotion by the sales force via ipad/tablets. By leveraging technology, it is possible to facilitate highly interactive brand/service marketing communications, making it exciting and appealing to doctors..

Benefits are both split up for your business and your customers.

  • Increased engagement and accessibility
  • More impact and insights
  • Data capture for customer understanding
  • Reach highy-targeted customers
  • Simplified content updates & storage
  • Quality analytics & insights

Increased engagement and accessibility: Brochures /LBLs for specific brands/services can be easily uploaded from the back end in different formats like JPEG, PDFS, Images, HTML 5, Videos & Audio. This ensures easy access to brand/services documents, information by the Field Force unlike traditional paper based communication. E-detailing, when done well, is not an inert presentation. It should be interactive, allowing HCPs (or other stakeholders) to actively engage with content.

More impact and insights: Based on the Pre Call Analysis, Sales Force may create personalised much impactful presentations for each doctors. This allows for very targeted and precise communication, ensuring that the Doctor's unmet needs are met. Also, dynamic KPI dashboards that facilitates tracking of KPI s performance of the field force.

Data capture for customer understanding: The most important and interactive data that is needed is the HCPs/Doctors feedback capturing. This provides non-stoppable insights to the marketing team on key brands/services communications which is notable and recorded. These retrieved info gives you a better information.

Reach highy-targeted customers: Enhancing HCP/Doctors engagement by facilitating targeted messaging to individual HCPs based on their identified needs. Make impactful calls with précised in communication in alignment with the pre call analysis. Capturing the HCP’S feedback & preferences brand/service wise.

Simple as that make “Just-for-you” Communications!

Simplified content updates & storage:Being Digital, can be regularly updated easily with fresh perspectives that applies the knowledge learned from the customer data while on the implementation stage- even the real time data can be updated. Brochures /LBLs for Specific Brands/Services can be Easily Uploaded from the Back end in different formats like JPEG, PDFS, Images, HTML 5, Videos & Audio.

Quality analytics & insights: An electronic detailer can provide reps and MSLs with simple access to all scientific documentation on pharmaceutical products (and additional content pieces) in addition to your core product arguments, which would be unattainable with traditional paper-based communications.

Though SANeForce E-Detailing App has been around for a long time, it is still evolving. Technology has opened up new possibilities for providing e-Detailing experiences in recent years. These advancements provide increased efficiency by overcoming temporal and location constraints. They also give HCPs more options in terms of how they interact with pharma and healthcare. These developments are, if anything, speeding as firms gets more comfortable with technology and eager to engage HCPs in novel ways.