10 Upsides of Using a Mobile Field Sales App for FMCG & CPG Companies


10 Upsides of Using a Mobile Field Sales App for FMCG & CPG Companies

Every field force representatives are the most direct contact with distributors, retailers, and the market; they play important role in an organization's sales process, particularly in the consumer products industry. An FMCG & CPG industry expects high-quality output from field teams to generate revenue.

Every Field Force Automation software aims for digitization, optimization, and expansion.

Digitalization:Through digital transformation, digitization tools will lay the groundwork for customers like retailers, and distributors. The major goal of retail digitization technologies is to automate every step in the supply chain.

Optimization:SANeForce Field Sales App makes supply chain optimizations to identify each distribution process and which process requires a technological boost for greater efficiency to optimize routes optimization as well.

Expansion:These Field Force Automation software are designed particularly for bringing up the revenue and growth for the business by the discovery of opportunities in consumer markets that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Actually, by forecasting the organization’s desired outcome in mind, this tool will aid in the process of accomplishing the goal.

Surprisingly, this is only the beginning! Biggest benefits needed when you choose Field Sales App…

  • Increases sales performance & productivity of field force
  • Streamlined geographical execution
  • Schemes & Discounts data-based sales
  • Higher sales efficiency
  • Identification of growth opportunities
  • Automated journey plans for each person
  • Complete sales transparency

Increased engagement and accessibility: When it comes to the FMCG or CPG industry, any single product /brand takes a long time to reach the final consumer because it must pass through a distributor and retailer. While implementing digital tools and automating everything by tracking, the organization generates revenue more quickly.

Streamlined geographical execution: Any organization works after a lot of market analysis on the location to yield a greater sale. But geographical tracking of the orders and field force by every means cuts off still more costs of expense, the right knowledge on the availability of stocks and also on the primary and secondary orders taken and sales.

Enabling this, builds trust and develops transparency within the organization.

Schemes & Discounts data-based sales: In SAN Sales field sales app manages the schemes and discounts of every customer the field force deals with in the mobile app without causing any hindrance to monitor the effectiveness of each promotional strategy that they deploy. This is possible via real-time alerts and hierarchy-wise communications.

Higher sales efficiency & Complete sales transparency: Automating an FMCG field force operation from start to finish is a large undertaking that necessitates extensive time management and change management. It would be quite difficult to switch to another solution provider once you have chosen a solution provider and automated your organization. So, carefully consider whether the solutions are adaptable enough to meet your future business requirements. Using a redundant instrument that cannot alter in response to market conditions will obstruct the company's future growth curve.

Identification of growth opportunities: As said in expansion beforehand, the consumer market is large, and discovering the right product sales strategy is difficult but with this SANeForce field force app it is now easy. FMCG & CPG organizations can increase their sales and win rates by selecting the right opportunities, efficiently handling field force automation tools, and precise monitoring of sales.

Automated journey plans for each person: No day is possible without planning. Every day, the field force makes journey plans in multiple ways according to the business module they work on. But every day is automated, monitored, and tracked in the field sales app.

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