Reinventing the Wheel – Van Sales Management!


Lively on-the-go mobile based handheld tracking of the ready stock sales, inventory management for direct store delivery options with Van Sales Management by SANeForce. This acts as the backbone for every FMCG, CPG and Retail Software with exemplary features of Route Optimization, Inventory Management, Field Force Tracking, real time stock details, collections and distribution.

Backbone of every business of FMCG, CPG and Retail Industry

Did you ever thought of something that has been a great advantage for your wholesale and delivery business, If you are in the wholesale and delivery business, You are more likely, when you collect orders with pen and paper and send orders via phone or email back to your office, to view van sales staff on road meetings with actual catalogues. Vans were often tough to sell.

Route Optimization, Inventory Management, Information on stock availability, End of day reports

Field Force are always on the go frequently jobs from their trucks. Nevertheless it’s a very demanding job and concentrated on maximizing their own time to meet their revenue goals. Implementing SANeForce Mobile Van Sales Management makes your business the most efficient and cost effective.

Enhanced Efficiency

It has come a great way from paper based manual system under supply chain to the most prominent rendering business a higher revenue. As advancements come into play, van sales management has developed various aspects keeping in mind the perspectives of wholesalers, dealers and improve the competitiveness and SANeForce Van Sales Management has been designed in such a way to make your business whole productive and profitable.

Organization saves money and hinders losses due to misinformation and manual system delays. Inventory re-ordering can improve management. Vans are delivered with precision, speed and need optimised manpower. Business process becomes smooth with minimal chance of human generated errors. Efficient operations enhance the business Brand value.

When A Day begins with Van Sales Management

With a single-screen, Journey plan is scheduled, with the updates of the product inventory & stock updates in real time. Our SANeForce Van Sales Management has utmost capabilities of Online/Offline Mode Support. Simplistic data accessibility upon language localization.

Get Approvals on the go

Beat Journey plan along with regular inventory details in real time. We have incorporated visual merchandising with the product display module. Along with that field force can get their respective approvals leave, expenses, claims, reimbursement. Also, input sample approvals along slab claim is a necessary must.

Core of Van Sales Management

Knowing route is really a must in case of Van Sales? Make your routes clear with GPS enabled Geo-tagging and Geo-fencing. With instant pre-call analysis of reports, sales analytics. Add your retailers for your customers. Delivery status reporting- order captures/order summary. Tele sales Management makes consumer process much easier. Even when Field force wants to boost the sales and compete order of everyday sales expectations and maybe under time pressure.

Primary Order & Secondary Management

Data synchronization ability with the journey plan entry closing stock entry Expense details, collections and deposit entries and plan future deliveries on the go. Seamless integrations with the SFA Software of SANeForce and Payroll HRM Software. As part of the order collection process, Van delivery person or sales manager can punch new orders directly into the mobile app. After each shipment, stock status is auto-updated. Salesperson is kept informed of the stock and can make the right decision during order selection.

End of Day Reports

Much hyper-intelligent dashboards of the analytics, insights of every reports indepth analysis of every products, real time inventory, tracking field force. That also includes

  • Attendance
  • Monthly tour Plan
  • Day Plan
  • Expense Management
  • Resource updates
  • Pre call Analysis
  • Order Details
  • Brand wise summary
  • Stock Analysis