A Goal Oriented Approach for Customer!!


A Goal Oriented Approach – Customer Onboarding and Implementation

Onboarding & Implementation are crucial parts of business success which reflect in long term. SANeForce Customer Onboarding Team makes a series of actions taken to introduce every new customer to our product and company. Where in Implementation you bring all the ideas to live. But before the product live, it holds countless baby steps where there is no place to rush as most companies do so. We make customers understand the context and concept of our Software so as to see how well their business can be benefitted.

Travel to know How we handle it?

To Begin with, Let’s dig from what is Onboarding is?

A nurturing process where customers acquainted and comfortable with the product. Here in SANeForce gets you to undergo exceptional customer onboarding program involves step-by-step tutorials, helpful guidance and support, and celebrations when a customer achieves success milestones using the product.

Today’s Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Healthcare and Life science Industries want to stay ahead of their competitors in terms of productivity and profitability. Creating strategies and leveraging ideas are easy but the hardcore part starts while implementing it. Yes, our customer reaches us with different ideas, marketing strategies. We know Ideas without action are pointless. Hence, we get those strategies and ideas done right.

Our Power-packed team carefully listens to the depth of customer needs and carves them into Implementation successfully. The Tireless process involves,

  • Understanding the customer Business behavior and strategy definition
  • Data collected in the customized format respective to the company.
  • Account creation & Customization - Based on the hierarchy of customer needs & wants.
  • Training the entire team on the customer side to deliver the knowledge of the software.

Product implementation and delivery are not as simple as stated. Instead, it is round the clock process of countless hands working together to put everything under a single click.

Why to emphasize on Onboarding and Implementation?

Our SANeForce team work as extra legs to reach your business goals & ideas faster by

  • Ensuring Field Force Compliance from day one
  • Clarifying framework of the management, Field Force and Leadership
  • Cultivating organizational standards of teamwork, mentorship and leadership
  • Keeping your managers accessible and accountable

The End (Actual beginning)

Here, SANeForce aims to add value to the customer's life. We work on making customers' complex problems a perfect solution.

Our customer shoes are hard to fix, but we never fail to fill them.

Upon Climbing new heights, We unify people to help businesses pursue their highest purpose, and solve their toughest challenges. There’s always a better, fast, simple way to do things. We question every assumption, cherish bright ideas and make that idea happen.

This is How SANeforce Onboarding and Implementation are a carried out for the past 21+ years with 1,00,000+ users. This relationship is built on trust and respect with our customers which helped us so far and raised us to face future challenges.

In all these years with different industries, different ideas, and different people but only one vision is to go beyond Customer satisfaction & success to win their loyalty which articulated us as Pioneer in providing SaaS solutions.

We are ready to enforce your ideas. Are you?

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