Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Has your company's remote detailing game improved?


While the field force used to rely mostly on scientific papers, traditional brochures, and cards, E-detailing is becoming more powerful, making textual materials redundant. Because of its success, the pharmaceutical sector has incorporated E-detailing into its sales pitches.

Making it a step ahead, SANeForce SAN CLM E-Detailing made its featured product of Remote Detailing Solution – One to One Meetings for its greater effectiveness. 

At the outset of SAN CLM E-detailing, the focus was on the material rather than the text itself. In recent years, the emphasis has shifted back to knowledge and content believing it to deliver a mastered effectiveness on diverse opportunities. 

Web meetings, digital marketing camps and strategies, administrative follow-ups, and distributing marketing efforts are just a few of the new channels that have arisen.

SAN CLM + Remote Detailing is the perfect right tool to ensure this.

In truth, a big thanks to SAN CLM + Remote-Detailing Solution!!!

For so long years implementing traditional methods and even with the mobile application, Pharmaceutical Industries can run and explore but soon after the invasion of Covid-19 it has become a hectic task for every pharmaceutical industry. 

But what about the topmost pharmaceutical industries, adjusting to a new normal is much more demand for greater profitability and productivity. This COVID-19 pandemic is a catalyst for greater and longer-term adoption of remote detailing; pharmaceutical companies that accept remote detailing during the crisis will gain insights from their early use that will form longer-term leverage of this channel, long after face-to-face visits resume. Unlike earlier attempts to move to a more digital strategy, this one worked, and digital was adopted fast... at least on the surface. 

A time saver for pitch and focus on the other important parts implying both face-to-face and web meetings. Making content more accessible by logging from a variety of devices at any time. It also allows you to contact the doctor without having to be present. It's important to remember that having strong content is just as important as having easy-to-use HTML files or e-detailers. 

It's no secret that HCPs are under increasing time constraints. As a result, when working with life science businesses, they want more value delivered in less time and with greater flexibility. But how can you do that when finances are tight, access is dwindling, and proving return on investment is critical?

One solution is to become digital. Here are three ways that digital technology can help you make the most of the minutes that really count. Promoting via digitalized content alone is limited when fully compared with the Digital detailing along with the intervention of the rep can be a greater value.

Because the medical reps can exploit the relationship when digital detailing SAN CLM paired with the curate analysis from the physician feedback by the medical reps is substantially more beneficial

One such common objective that arises from the establishment of remote detailing into your Pharma Industry is that weaken the relationship between the rep and the physician and the other is physicians might not be comfortable with this new technology but it is quite the opposite.

From the study conducted from survey of US Physicians, Source: Exeevo - Almost 70% of physicians have transformed to digital native and 85% of physicians want access to reps for virtual services and web meetings. Therefore, don’t get left behind... 

Upgrade and Implement Now! SAN CLM + Remote Detailing Solution!! 


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