What Does Sales Force Automation (SFA) Mean?


SANeForce offers the world's leading pharmaceutical companies the best automation solutions for the pharmaceutical companies with customer-specific modules and technical support by our executives

Pharma Sales Force Automation with unique properties!

Get access to our best services with SANeForce Pharma Sales Force Automation solution to make your business stand ahead of your competitors. Pharma CRM comprises of the admin and user rights via super administrator along with hyper-intelligent dashboards and reports. Smart hierarchy approvals and requests.

Meanwhile, marketing personnel will need to improve their capacity to optimize marketing efforts based on HCP interaction, as well as analyze the success of previous and future activities using Pharma CRM data and dashboards.

Pharmaceutical companies with SANeForce Pharma Reporting Software are required to continuously optimize the efficiency of their medical reps, focus on profitability, manage the schedule activities of all monthly/quarterly/semi-annual for medical reps. Also, can follow and see product promotions made by MR and also monitor the performance of Medical reps with multiple team hierarchies can be set up from the admin -Panel

Know some of those...

  • Access in Web, IOS, Andriod
  • Live tracking/GPS
  • DR, RX, Stockists visits
  • Expense Automation
  • Quick & Easy MIS Reports
  • Online & Offline reporting
  • Control & Alert System
  • Sample & Input Analysis
  • DR / RX RCPA & POB
  • Quiz & Survey
  • Dynamic Activities
  • E-Detailing
  • Remote Detailing
  • KPI & Scorecard
  • Unique Doctor Maintenance
  • Planning & Assessment

  • When our pharma reporting software is rightly used, Your pharmaceutical business will get the best of its RoI and Productivity.

    Don’t make your medical reps feel complex with the SFA system, Use SANeForce Sales Force Automation Software to achieve Complex systems easily adaptable!!

    It is also convenient, easily operated, and engageable for the doctors (or other customers like stockists etc.,) to actively interact with the content and products.

    How? Let’s have a sneak peek.

    Enhanced Effectiveness via SFA Software System: It also allows sales reps to use impactful types of content, such as animations and videos, to draw attention to key messages. Sales Force Effectiveness for any pharma company is really a triggering factor where medical reps indulge more in the use of the sales force automation software.

    Gain greater customer understanding: Data Capture from pharmaceutical companies stands ahead before commencing any implementation. Because detailed presentations with the updated database.

    Also, with the behavior of the physician to the slides uploaded and interaction, medical reps can better understand what content is actually of interest to healthcare professionals based on their level of engagement.

    Highly Targeted Communication: By tracking how each customer interacts and applying sophisticated analytics, it enables medical representatives to work one-on-one with healthcare professionals, providing “just for you” communications. Pharma Sales Force Automation facilitates with insights and reports from those data enabling increase sales, work towards strong brand equity, and reduce wasteful efforts. Pharma CRM eventually increases the doctor’s perception that the pharmaceutical organization is the best in whats it does.

    Archiving of content: To understand every pharmaceutical business, organization data systems, future data goals in addition to key product-related topics. The sole objective of our Pharma CRM meets the exact archival goals, which would be impossible with traditional paper communications.

    Data Migration & Uploading: Our Implementation and data uploading team make this possible with their efforts to make your Sales Force Automation Software being digital, Medical reps can be regularly updated with new content that applies lessons learned from the products or the pharmaceutical updates, even when they are on the go.

    Consistency of Services: Pharma reporting software mobile app and e-detailing enable staff in contact with physicians, alongside the usage of the Pharma Sales Force automation software regularly will make the medical reps user-friendly with the software, or other members of the customer team, to provide a consistently successful customer experience.

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