SAN SFE Pharma MR Reporting Software- Product Updates!


7 Unique MR Reporting Software Product Updates…You Need to know!!

Very Recently the  Pharmaceutical Industries reached heights in involving many trends of innovations in their marketing strategies. This revamps the traditionally used methods of marketing activities.

Going hand in hand with the recent trends SANeForce as a Software service provider ensures that our every update or development should impact the betterment of their business stats and data-driven insights.

SANeForce MR Reporting Software ensures that you are the source for the MR Reporting, Deeper analysis, ensuring your field force right activity, the immediate event captures at your insights, and many more to discuss in this blog…

 Impacting much more modules and features for every pharma company in our SAN SFE Mobile Application. Though we want each of our customers and clients to delve into the fullest of every module or feature that has been newly developed.

When launching new features at any scale of pharma business, a lot of development, testing, and technical consultants’ involvement has gone into it before it reaches the market. That is the reason it is so important to get your product updates right. These recent product updates make your medicals reps/Field Force go full-fledged with multiple benefits in hand and vice versa to the organization as well.

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Simply Putting you through a few of our recent product updates

  • Event Capture
  • Live Tracking
  • Chat
  • Product Detailing
  • Notifications, Alerts
  • DOB, Anniversaries
  • Internal email system

#1 Event Capture while call reporting: Picture Updates are in a new way-Simply put, call reporting is a way long traditional method as still few of the pharma companies are underscoring it making some of the top pioneer pharma companies into consideration. We have developed this event capture feature under call reporting.

Concerning device storage, have no worries. The event that you are capturing won't be kept in the storage of the device. The event those you are capturing won’t be stored in the device storage.

#2 Live Location Validations: Medical reps/Field Force's recent distance kilometers can be calculated with the latest update. We do not ask you for, access, or track any location-based information from your mobile device at any time while downloading or using the Mobile Apps. However, if you are using the SAN SFE Application, your hierarchical manager may enable location validation technology for time-keeping purposes.

#3 Chat – Chat can be a powerful tool:Many pioneer Pharma companies approach us with many new requirements, one among them is this Internal Chat system. When your medical reps wish to interact with members of their team, group, or direct reporting managers, there's no need to switch between apps or use any third-party apps. The hierarchy-based chat system is done right.

#4 Product Detailing – Keeping Design Impactful: When it comes to detailing, many pharma companies prefer doing iPad/tablet detailing but still few other pharma companies require mobile app product detailing along with insightful analytics. This product detailing can be done both online and offline. And the analytics for those product details will be captured on master sync and gives you every data when you’re online.

#5 Notifications, Alerts – Making your Updates easy to Find:The notifications and alerts from the admin portal to every medical rep/ field force are now possible promptly. Timely notifications enable the medical reps to know about the recent launch of their products and announcements on any updates that you want to share with their team. This also includes flash news notifications and alerts.

#6 DOB, Anniversaries reminder – Keeping it Familiar:In Pharma MR Reporting software your customer can be HCPs, stockiest, chemists, and keeping a healthy relationship with them is also as important as interacting with them in regards to business. Keeping this in mind, we have created slots to remember your customer’s important and special dates and make them feel special.

#7 Internal email system: You can now send business-related emails without the need for an organization-specific email domain. Also, can set up hierarchy-based email communication two-way with attachments. Great Right! Then, find your history of emails in your sent items.

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