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Implementing Payroll processing entails giving your all in all you do! Payroll and HRM software transform an HR representative into an HR pro. All thanks to the strategic and cloud technology services from SANeForce to ease business operations and boost productivity.

Businesses merely have to figure out what they require exactly. Listing out those below. Give it a read.

  • Go Paperless - Generate payslips
  • Timely Technical Support
  • save Time, Money, and Secure Date
  • Completely Accurate Calculations
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Implementation on-the-go
  • Link multiple divisions with sub category
  • Never miss important dates
  • Updated information on taxes
  • Go Paperless – Generating Payslips

    Paper works are really tedious and generating it with more precise data calculations is a hectic task to do for an HR. Fortunately, the HRM and Payroll Management Software is equipped with much more features. You may go about your monthly payment process with ease, without worrying about mucking things up. It is more advantageous for business with growing workforces. You can customize a payslip by selecting a template, filling in the required information, and then printing them in bulk. Nothing acts faster than generating payslips from SAN Payroll & HRM.

    Timely Technical Support

    What if you have stuck up somewhere and don’t know how to proceed up? The answer is a resounding yes. We’ll help you out. A team of experts with much eager to help you out to take care of your concerns and queries. Feel free to contact them at any time if there are any complications or interruptions. You'll get a quick answer and advice from an expert on how to resume. Whatever you’re into, Get into seeking help!

    Save Time, Money and Secure Data

    Businesses play high importance on time, money, and databases. With SANeForce Payroll Management Software, we don’t have to put stress on the manual entering of long pay stubs or payroll calculations. The advancement of technology has resulted in higher software security standards. All the payroll management software companies always ensure that all provided data is encrypted and stored securely on their systems.

    Completely Accurate Calculations

    When it comes to the human mind, accurate calculations are a big quest? As it is not an easy task for calculating salary components, statutory components. Payroll management software for every business accuracy and precision of calculations is unmatchable. Hence, leave it to the cloud-based payroll software from SANeForce.

    Customizable Dashboards

    Every business work on its own principles so owns your payroll management software. Customizations and configurations according to the strength of employees, tax guidelines, and so on. You can customize it in a way that adheres to your company principles as well. Customize and own, your way to dashboards!

    Implementation on the go

    Payroll Software developing, working team incorporates work in every aspect at a faster pace. Payroll software improves the speed of operations and provides fast results. You can swiftly prepare your employee reports and statements without worrying about getting stuck in a time loop. Regardless of how complex the calculations and tax deductions are, the program overcomes all obstacles and produces results within the specified time range.

    Link multiple divisions with Subcategory

    If your company has a branch of two or more then this suits you to the utmost. With a single payroll management software account, you can create multiple companies divisions as subcategories. Now it is time to step up your Payroll Number game.

    Never Miss Important Dates

    All the notifications of the employees, staff, government rules, will be notified promptly, for recent updates and instants notifications of the employment. You can rely solely on payroll management software for advanced calculation settings to support large figures and difficult numbers. Make your employees feel special by wishing them on their special day.

    Updated information on taxes

    As an HR are you updated with the ever-changing payroll taxes and government policies? Do you find it difficult in understanding it? You don’t have to any longer dig your search engines for the recent updates on tax regulations, forms, and payment policies as well as their implications for your final payout.

    Pick your smart payroll management software that helps maintain schedule shift timings and manage schedules for salary payments.

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