SAN FMCG SOFTWARE provides SAN FMCG system for companies to better manage their distribution of consumer products to different outlets as well as assist in the improved management of the workforce. In many cases, consumer product companies produce goods around the world. These organizations face the added challenge of managing a global workforce and a global production and distribution system while controlling cost, consistency, and quality.


SAN FMCG Provides data to assess the sales force performance in terms of Attendance, Order Capture and Product placement, We can also analyse the daily, Monthly Quaterly and Annual Performance of field forcey


SAN FMCG facilitates the measurement of Number of Retails the product is placed, re connect Retailers Who are not buying from thecompany distributors, the distribution width of promoted and focus Products, ABC of retail turnover.


SAN FMCG provides various drill down reports in 3 dimensions (Time, Product and Geography) as the Input for their Decision Support system for the company. The Critical reports are , Sales force Order, Coverage and Productivity for the day, week and Trend Analysis.


SAN FMCG measures the Purchase pattern of distributors, Order fulfillment of Distributors, Secondary sales on a specific frequency and also the promotion management and the Channel wise Effectiveness of the promotions operated.

Easy Monitoring

SANeFORCE With Its Unique GEO-Tagging Facility Allows Support Teams To Monitor Field Employee’s Work During The Day Thereby Increasing Transparency And Accountability In The Organization.

Easy Scheduling

Create, Approve, Modify Tour Plans On The Go With All Powerful SANeFORCE Mobile App. A 360 Degree View Of Month’s Agenda And Easy Monitoring On Team, All Through A Single App with Perfection

Easy Reporting

Save Time In Preparing And Submitting Reports Of Daily Work. SANeFORCE Automatically Creates Work Report As You Work During The Day. Reports Are Available To Admins In Real Time..

Mobile App providing GPRS based Field Force Automation (FFA). Field Fore can submit their Tour Plan, Daily Activity, Internet Email to the corporate office. This is make the field force more and quality time with Customer and instant information about the business.

  • GEO Fencing and GEO Tagging
  • Both Online and Offline Reporting
  • Works on Both android and iOS

Key Features Of SAN FMCG


Visibility of Key Performance Indicators help corrective actions and informed decisions.Reports can be generated automatically based on DCR.


Tracking location using GPS or network provider, As a result false reporting can be avoided. Which inturn develops your business with high profitability


Customer support is our main focus. Many ways to reach us with no additional charges. also You can enjoy our Multilingual support facility.


Get started quickly. Easy to setup,simple to use. SAN FMCG is an end-to-end solution focused capabilities for the planning and coordination.