Closed Loop Marketing

Make the Interaction with Doctor More creative, Display personalised & Interactive Medical Content! Impress Your Peers with personalized rich and interactive medical content. Track every action of the digital detailing process to improve targeting with Enhanced analytics. Enlighten marketing with insights of promotion strategy and implementation for continuous improvement.

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Key Features Of Our CLM

Digital Detailing

Enable your rep to engage the Doctor with high quality, interaction by giving uniform and effective promotion of your products. Detailing can be generated into report automatically with Photo capture and Voice recording facilities.


Doctors want information that is relevant and personalized to their practice. Our unique Algorithm intelligently creates contextual Doctors specific content, that the rep can customize if required and presented to the Doctor.


Performance and operations of field activities done by medical reps can be viewed in real-time through dashboards, analytics, reports, notifications and alerts, on mobile devices by managers to take instant corrective action.

Geo Fencing

The Main Objective is to Prevent MR From Deviating the tour Plan and visit doctors as per the approval the visit report is automatically prepared and integrated with SFE. No need to Track your Field Force.

Mobile App

Reporting on the go with ease and perfection.


Uniform and effective promotion of your products.

E Learning

Quiz will improve the field force product Knowledge.

Geo Fencing

No Need of Location Tracking. False Reporting can be totally Avoided

Daily Call Report

Record daily work activities of your sales team in the field of RCPA, attendance

24 X 7 Suport

Multilingual Support