Why Adding Biometrics Attendance Software To Your HR & Payroll Software Is Crucial?


SANeForce manages your employee's information in a much easier and effective way by integrating Biometric attendance into HR and Payroll Software. Make your HR department free from chaos, manual errors to match up with the unparalleled ability to precisely capture the workforce data.

Implementing Biometric integration technology the data will be systematically gathered and tuned for database format for processing. Biometric devices in recent years have emerged as one of the sole sources when it comes to dispersing salary to your employees. Biometric integration will track employee time and attendance and eliminate issues like missed days, early departures, late arrivals, and unapproved overtime by preventing time theft.

Yes! HR, Payroll Software can be integrated seamlessly! You read that right!!

Perks on Using SANeForce HR & Payroll Software when integrated with Biometric devices:

* Cloud hosted software with multiple clock-in methods (web, mobile, Biometric)
* Making attendance via biometric
* Link unlimited biometric devices
* Automatic cloud syncs with biometric logs
* Payroll processing made easy
* Time Clock feature to reduce manual errors
* Tailor-made custom reports generation
* Policies and regulations configurable

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I bet!! Every organization requires a unified platform for all their must-haves in one platform and SANeForce HR and Payroll offers it for you.

Studies reveal that
“Manual data entry of payroll processing and attendance using registers leads to 35% of the overall errors”

“Invest in what you need & not what you Want” – Rightly Said!!

By adopting Biometric Time & Attendance systems with SANeForce HR & Payroll Application. Businesses can achieve much of their

Cost Saving: Go Paperless! Reducing the paper works to be done in processing the salaries. Free your HR department from tedious paper works. Electronically captures attendance data, reducing the time spent manually calculating work and extra hours.

Precise Pay Calculations: Employee attendance data is collected in real-time by the time-attendance system and payroll integration transfers this data to payroll software automatically. The automated payroll processing procedure reduces manual involvement and is more efficient, resulting in accurate payroll processing.

Centralized Attendance Timesheets: Payroll processing for individuals who work remotely and from numerous locations may be a monumental undertaking at times. A major issue for HR departments is a lack of unified and reliable data for payroll processing. With an automated centralized time-attendance system, precise data on attendance data may be ensured. You can get reliable data for payroll processing when your payroll system and time-attendance system are in sync.

Extensive reports: Create précised reports based on work hours, absenteeism, overtime, break hours, and so on, regardless of whatever system you use. With the unified data, you can create customized reports for your department, organization, chosen individuals, and more to simplify and speed up your payroll process.

Real-time monitoring: Keeping track of employee attendance statistics may be difficult for any company. The ability to integrate, on the other hand, enables the real-time study of working hours, absenteeism policies, and more with a single click.

Privacy concerns: There exists a misinterpretation of using Biometric devices in companies and organizations that may jeopardize their privacy. But it leads to a big blunder because Biometric devices don’t store each individual biometrics rather it covers metrics into codes for corresponding employees.

Before concluding!!

If you haven't yet implemented biometric integration, now is the moment. SANeForce's premium time tracking solutions may be used to supplement your payroll administration software. Effortlessly manage your employees' time and attendance data, such as entry and departure times, hours worked, and shifts. You may also get real-time attendance reports from any location and at any time.

I hope you find this information helpful in determining the most effective HR and Payroll Software for your company.

Last but not least! SAN HR & Payroll Software is cloud-based, totally digital, remote-first HR and payroll software. Cloud-hosted application deployment digitizes and automates everything from onboarding and documentation to invoicing and timesheets, allowing your HR team to focus on strategic, value-generating operations.