The importance of Activity Module (Custom Field Creation) in MR Reporting Software.


The importance of Activity Module (Custom Field Creation) in MR Reporting Software.

SANeForce’s this particular case study lets you know that we as an organization capable of doing things beyond expectations and we live up to the terms of configurable and customizable Software providers

Overview: A survey for the eradication of the disease Malaria carried on. This government survey is being taken place in different areas of Nigeria.

This survey is taken from patients by the field force, pharmacists, chemists, or hospital compounding people. The results leads to patient care, making informed decisions to take actionable feedback for the pharmaceutical companies to eradicate this disease from the country.

Company: This project is carried out by the Government of Nigeria and given to organization Phillips Pharmaceuticals Nigeria Limited to take the survey. Established in 1991 in Kenya, Phillips Pharma Group has offices and warehouses in Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, Nigeria, and Ghana. Phillips Pharma Group markets and distributes a wide range of Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostic Equipment, and Medical Devices from over One Hundred of the World’s Leading Pharmaceutical companies. Phillips Pharma Group has a Team Strength of over Five Hundred and a Customer Base of over Three Thousand Retail Pharmacies, Hospitals, NGOs, and Institutions.

Situation: Various sources of the study reveals that “76% of Nigeria’s populations are at risk of this deadly disease malaria”, “Nigeria’s – geographical location makes suitable climate for malarial transmission”, and “Malaria is one of the leading causes of Death in Nigeria”. These studies paved way to launch a council by Nigerian President MuhammaduBuhari to eliminate malaria by 2030.

Several measures are taken into a course for complete eradication of this disease and SANeForce Sales Force Automation is proud to be a good part of this circumstance.

Challenges: SANeForce, a sales force automation provider with almost 21+ years of functional knowledge as software as a service felt a little challenged while gathering the requirements. But we have completed this project and handed it over to them successfully.SANeForce approached this in a more sportive way to complete and be a part of enhancing patient care. And, we did it bespoke.

Products in Use: These surveys or researches are taken care of by the manual approach and recorded in registers by a manual entry which is a more tedious task. A manually assisted survey takes a longer time to obtain the results.

Solutions: For this Malaria Survey we have enabled the activity module (i.e Custom Field Creation) in the SANeForce MR Reporting Software, the field is made to be captured. The activity module is a creating customizable field that is needed for the survey. And in this module, we haven’t mapped with any of the targeted audiences such as doctors, and stockists from the master list.

While entering the submissions duplicates of the data can be notified and removed. Also, we have a hierarchical based approval system in the survey. By-level reporting hierarchial category can be set for a multi-level approval system. There also exists an option for auto approvals as the existence of bulk data for approvals can be hectic. Question type-based approvals can also be done in our system for précised tracking of the research. Well, we simply do everything for you!

The dashboards are pre-filled with 3 different views field force-wise view, product-wise view, and brand-wise view. The results based on these views get you deeper insights on the medications that need enhancements or productions or even to make informed decisions. You get a clear report on state-wise, zone-wise, hierarchy-wise, and filters to these databases. We also give importance to the UI/ UX design of the application inside by providing a color theme set for the application.

Benefits: Growth with excellence exceeds customer expectations while we don’t know what these results will bring to the pharmaceutical companies. The data retrieved from these reports and dashboards gives a greater impact on enhancing patient healthcare. These data can also make the pharmaceutical company make pre-informed decisions on the launch of new medications.

Key Results: The application is developed successfully with our existing activity module (i.e) custom field creation. Here in SANeForce, for every development, we make the application undergo the quality check testing team where we get the complete developed error-free application for usage. Therefore on completion, we have implemented,onboarded successfully, and given the application to Phillips Pharmaceuticals Nigeria Limited.