Learn-How Pharma Business Can Take Great Strides With Sales Force Automation


Leverage Pharma CRM to skyrocket your business’ growth

In the present modern age of gaining customers all over the world, the crux of marketing lies in gaining a ‘Customer experience,’ where the customer shall always be the king who won't require any sales pitches. However, the harsh truth of the sales reps life is they can excel at selling only if they are willing to help customers to win in a way according to their preference. Pharma CRM for the pharmaceutical industry stands no different. It has been defined as a highly adopted seamless sales tool used during the customer’s interaction in order to get to know more about the customer’s needs, thereby coming up with a solution matching their needs and preferences.

In this modern age of digital selling, the sales team is always required to be spending more time connecting with the customers through virtual data-driven approaches. This is also the reason why SMBs have been leveraging the pharma reporting software to automate the workflow, decrease the sales cycle, maximize sales win rate, and increase the bottom line. The sales force automation software is coming out as an efficient tool that is expected to increase sales by over 32% with a surge in closed deals according to research.

Plan your marketing activities, visits with cyclic activity planning to save on time and increase efficiency.

Stay up to date with new customers : Your business needs to stay relevant by reaching out to the prospects by utilising the same marketing material and the same sales pitch that doesn’t necessarily engage the prospects. The sales team needs to have a real-time 360-degree view of the prospects through all the data gathered which will help them to tailor marketing content to approach the prospect in a different manner. This collaborated procedure will help the sales and marketing team to work together without any hassle, thereby delivering the perfect solution to the right prospects at the right time that can result in a conversion.

Reduce inefficiencies due to manual!!

The Pharma CRM software will free up the sales reps from cumbersome manual tasks which can be further invested in building the relationship with customers which can further increase the conversion rates. You might be aware that data analytics and mobile capabilities provide thorough insights into how each deal can be met efficiently. With relevant details in the Pharma CRM software, the sales reps can offer a personalized solution easily to the customers instantly thereby preventing any likelihood of errors.

Adding intelligence to sales

AI technology doesn't only handle customer support but is effective in playing an active role since sales reps' assistants work on seamlessly managing the lead nurturing and engagement process. Such bots will therefore eliminate the requirement of sales personnel to check back and forth messages by realizing the prospect’s level of interest efficiently. The AI involvement curtails one step from the tedious sales activity that takes up numerous hours and resources helping to improve overall employee productivity.

No more missed opportunities

With several meetings with new customers and follow-ups on the schedules, the are chances that the sales reps might fail to show up. This kind of embarrassment can be avoided with Pharma CRM software that will be sending continuous reminders to the sales reps regarding the next scheduled meeting with the new and important customers so that there is no chance of missing an opportunity. It not only gives them peace of mind but also helps them to focus more on quality communication and targeting activities.

Increase leads down the sales funnel

The automation layer is used to identify the latest trends, ongoing competition and customer needs which will further help in making a personalized strategy that will stay in the target prospects’ context. Moreover, this seamless automatic leads prioritization and management won't tire out the sales reps; instead, they will be able to stay on top of leads and deliver the series of actions accordingly to move the leads down the sales funnel.

Therefore there are many ways to influence your medical representative’s sales process, make it more profitable and increase pharmaceutical sales. SANeForce makes sure to make Pharma CRM an integral part of sales force automation to get a complete solution, which will also maximize the customer-win ratio and positively influence the pharma industry.