GEO Fencing & GEO Tagging turnkey for every Sales Force Automation Software

SANeForce Geo-Fencing and Geo Tagging is mainly working as location-based marketing for every business. It enables triggers to be set up by an administrator when a system enters or exits administrator-defined boundaries.

The goal is to prevent the workforce from the customer visit report is automatically produced and integrated with Sales Force Automation, order management, attendance application if it deviates from the approved operation. There is no more need for the monitoring field force.

Proximity marketing is a form of location-based marketing in which you send the user-customized content based on its proximity to a specific location. This helps offline retailers match the strengths of their online counterparts when it comes to delivering contextually suggestions to consumers.

From GEO Fencing & GEO Tagging delivers us the report and analysis on the location data such as the places visited, time spent in that particular visit, number of visits, recording enter and exit time irrespective of the area which is mapped with the profile data of required actions needed the defines the engagement with business customers. With our case of entering and exit condition in Geo fencing and geo-tagging which exactly prevent false reporting of the workforce from the business.

Below are mentioned merits for every Business Incorporating

Accelerate Sales Force Automation user engagement & retention

A well-planned route can have a direct impact on the requirement for driving and minimize it significantly. Instead of the driver retracing from one place to the next, the route itself demonstrates an optimized method of reaching out to clients one by one. The optimized route will save ample time, money, and energy.

Boost customer profiles by adding more accurate user location data

The approach in which the stocks are put into the vehicle is critical. That is an important factor in determining how long a transaction will take. It becomes easier to remove stocks from the vehicle if it is done in the order of customer visits, saving the sales force a lot of time.

Better-perceived product brand recognition of client satisfaction drive-up

It's a direct correlation between happy salespeople and pleased customers. If the sales force is on the appropriate and well-planned sales route, it will meet customers' needs on a frequent basis, execute orders on schedule, and work on returns on expiry stocks / new visits, among other things. This has a direct positive effect on the degree of customer satisfaction that will certainly bounce.

Enhance the end-user experience with the products

The entire solution is GPS-based, and it keeps track of salesforce anywhere, anytime and the routes they are taking. Order to maximize the business of product experiences, traffic. When the activities are closely monitored and analyze those dashboards, reports without any delay.

Get in personalized physical interactive sessions

A whole journey plan arrangement is done in the solution as a comprehensive sales and order route management function, which involves the planning of distributors by field force as well as managers. The whole Journey plan is displayed to each field force based on their day-to-day actions, based on the geolocation of customers.

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