Best M R Reporting Software With Advance Key Features


Best MR Reporting Software With Advance Key Features

In the present day, most pharma companies need to be advanced enough to continuously optimize their sales force resources by leveraging the best MR Reporting software that tests the effectiveness of the organization because companies are now ready to invest a huge amount of money in developing and marketing new strategies for customer satisfaction.

Pharma companies should plan to gain a successful return on Investment as they are tightening their grip on profitability and revenue growth. The best way to do that is by using MR Reporting software by SANeForce to streamline the sales activities for increased orders, manage all appointments with doctors and align simple pharmaceutical marketing strategies with the main objective of gaining sales.


MR Reporting software by SANeForce is a dedicated 360-degree CRM solution that can actually increase the sales force effectiveness by using its resources and reducing the overall operating costs by over 80% which finally gets translated into a higher return on investment. Many of our clients have rated this affordable yet time-saving CRM in the pharma industry as one of the best MR Reporting software that enhances the business growth and boosts profitability.

Sales trip

A complete multi-channel MR Reporting solution that can increase sales and help marketing teams to elevates every point of customer interaction. An efficient tool that can create highly engaging and personalized customer journeys using a variety of content formats all of which work together seamlessly to give a unified and automated journey that further increases employee productivity.

Customize Pharma

An efficient CRM solution available across the globe that ensures near 100% genuine reporting by leveraging its state-of-the-art advanced technology and tools. This particular MR Reporting software captures every single activity happening on the field thereby enabling companies to convert field data into actionable insights that can prove to be successful in the long run.

Medismo Pharmasoft

Online M R Reporting Software is tailored customer-based software curated as per company requirements and the size of the company. For Medismo, every company is very important no matter the size be it big or small. Online M R Reporting can be leveraged as a powerful and seamless tool for any kind of company. It helps in the optimization of the production process, the marketing process, and the sales processes.


A reliable software developing company that aims to provide dynamic, efficient, affordable, and flexible pharma software for Indian pharmaceutical companies with the help of MR Reporting. MR Reporting is one major factor used to show the capability of importing and exporting existing data from all the other billing and inventory divisions so that it also be integrated with Tally for ease of access.

That was the list of the best MR Reporting software that has advanced key features to manage your field force effectively & increase employee productivity. Now get the best Sales Force Automation software for your business from SANeForce to get accurate and real-time visibility of your workforce via mobile app & software.