Looking Beyond 2021: What AI Is Changing The Future Of Payroll


How will AI impact the future of payroll in 2022?

With 2022 almost coming to an end, many businesses are noticing the advancements in the world of digitization, working flexibility, and cutthroat competition for a skilled workforce which has led to rapid significant changes in the functioning of payroll software. This year businesses need to upgrade to contracting, payroll, and benefits solutions as it becomes more important than ever before. Attracting and retaining top talent is also essential for all business owners especially if they fall into the category of businesses being negatively impacted by the pandemic crisis.

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In recent years, we have witnessed many inefficient payroll systems that are unable to control the administration as they are time-consuming and expensive for most small and medium-sized businesses. But the best part is that with all the rapid digitization and advancements that have been happening, payroll administration has not been left behind. In 2021 smart, automated and streamlined payroll management software is it not just a need but a necessity for most businesses across the globe.

Below we mention the latest trends in payroll management that business owners need to understand as to what the future holds for the payroll software industry. Organizations and HR managers should analyse these trends and leverage them to improve their HR procedures which will help them to stay relevant in the present market. In addition to so many options available in the market, companies also need to conduct their research well in advance to choose the perfect payroll software for them.

Leveraging cloud-based technology: The cloud-based payroll management software systems are growing every day. AI through machine learning allows businesses to access your data from anywhere and from any device. As work from home or remote working culture has been gaining more popularity, it is very useful for HR departments since it utilises less time and minimises the hassle of being physically present at the office. Therefore payroll software will enable HR managers to view and modify payroll anytime, anywhere. With cloud-based technology, issues like cybercrime and hacking can be largely eliminated as cloud-based payroll software systems have features like cybersecurity and software updates that ensures the safety of sensitive personal data.

Artificial intelligence-driven payroll: As AI is gaining rapid popularity, it's no surprise that cloud-based technology is being utilized in the payroll industry as well. Earlier a payroll system was only limited to calculating employees’ salaries, paying them and generating an invoice report. But now due to the latest advancements and increased demand for seamless interfaces, it has been changing the way people get paid. Now employees can be paid automatically or their salaries are classified based upon internal rules which can be paid accordingly. AI-based chatbots can also be used to help employees with non-urgent tasks like getting their queries answered using automated chatbots.

Integration of HR Technology: There are various advantages a company can enjoy just by integrating payroll and HR software. To, begin with an integrated system will help all managers and employees to access any required data from a single dashboard. By merging the payroll process with the best HR software any business can improve the efficiency with which any sort of data is being managed. Some small and medium-sized businesses believe that investing in HR technology can also be expensive, but this is actually wrong. Integrated HR software is available to everyone at a low cost, and the ROI can easily stand out from the cost. Such payroll software will allow businesses to perform functions such as time-tracking, reporting and scheduling. Furthermore, if your payroll software merges with your HR software, it can help employees easily transfer data between systems.

Enhanced Data Security:Every company stores a lot of employee information which is thereby the organisation's duty to protect. These data are considered to be highly sensitive. They include pieces of information such as wages, addresses, account numbers, and social security numbers of each employee. The payroll software has been made GDPR-compliant to make all this sensitive information produced by the highest cyber-security standards on the present market. Advances in payroll like double authentication or two-factor authentication systems are required to access high confidentiality information to help support conventional measures like security questions and help better protect the data.

Even though implementing a new AI-based technology might look challenging, once you choose the correct payroll management software for your organization, your business will be witnessing the enormous benefits it brings to the company. SANeForce believes in considering AI automation, new technology, and data-driven KPIs to help handle large volumes of data which will thereby make payroll more efficient and affordable.