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SANeFORCE.com focuses on sales force automation solutions that will help businesses drive ROI up, increase sales force and product consumption. User-friendly web-based products significantly ease the work of the management, supervisors, and the sales teams.

How It Works
Sales personnel accesses the SAN SFA FMCG application installed on their phones while on the field. Sales personnel uses the mobile application to enter data such as order details, collection details, competitor information, etc. The data collected is sent through mobile internet connection (GPRS/ 3G) to the backend web server in real time.

SAN SFA FMCG web application can provide real time visibility on orders and field information to the operations and management team. The SAN SFA FMCG also provides useful analytical reports for business performance monitoring and management decision making.

Product Implementation Service
These services draw credibility from rich implementation experience and proven deployment principles. Led by specialized and dedicated practitioners, SAN SFA FMCG Implementation team study the existing business processes and map them to product functionality. Apply best practices and re-engineer existing process, wherever applicable, to optimize business outcome. Configure SAN SFA FMCG to reflect business processes and make the product user-friendly.

Our trainers help business users to learn SAN SFA FMCG in a fast and flexible way and make them comfortable with the product usage. They do handholding for an extended period, so that the users are familiar with the new processes, their own data and usability of SAN SFA FMCG.

Data Migration Service
Apart from the fundamental need to meet functional requirements, SAN SFA FMCG Technical team provides customers a simple utility to pull data from external systems and help them to cleanse data extracted from old systems, transform them and then migrate to SAN SFA FMCG.

Managed Service
SAN SFA FMCG team realizes the importance to ensure ongoing and timely support to its business users and guarantees high availability, high performance and high service levels. The product is hosted in a web server, which provides reliability, availability, performance, load balancing and scalability.

Product Support
SAN SFA FMCG product support staff is at your service over phone and email on 8 X 5 during India week days and 24 X 7 for emergency support. All customer issues and problems are managed based on ITIL framework and within flexible service levels. Our customers would be provided with an access to SAN SFA FMCG Issue Tracking system where they will be able to log a problem and monitor the latest update in its resolution cycle.

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