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SANeFORCE.com sales force automation solution is now augmented with eDetailing facility, A Must Have productivity enhancement tool for Sales Team in contemporary time.

What is eDetailing?

eDetailing is a technique to carry product information with fact sheet in digital media and use it to share product features and information with the Customers. With advent of tablets, the technique has become much more pragmatic and viable.

Features and Benefits:

eDetailing provides you with the opportunity to promote your products in an impressive and unique way, through interactive presentations and simplified procedures. In addition, it allows you to reduce promotional costs and have full access to latest information in “Real Time”. This results in percolating better understanding of your Marketing Strategy and Product Promotion Plans (PPP) upto the grass-roots level (MR)

Real Time Data: SAN Reporting already captures traditional data elements with standard and custom fields. Now, by using eDetailing feature from SANReporting application, the companies can now access in-clinic data. This data is real and authentic information at the point of promotion.

Walk the Talk: Marketing strategy, taking place in boardrooms gets diluted by the time it reaches sales representative working in the field. eDetailing helps in streamlining the communication to the client as well as helps in monitoring how well the strategy is being implemented at field level. (In Pharmaceuticals, mapping Doctor Specialty to product’s therapeutic class)

Call Effectiveness: Offers a unique opportunity to the representative, to obtain better results and communicate his products in the most efficient way.

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