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Sales force automation tools streamline the sales process by enabling managers and sales teams to organize leads, accounts and contacts; assess and prioritize opportunities; and oversee the sales pipeline and related analytics for forecasting, and much more.


Bypass the IT department and get instant access to Vtiger straight from your browser or Vtiger app on any Internet-enabled device immediately after signing up for your 15-day free trial

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Interested in Sales, Marketing, or Support Solutions? All of them and more are just $12 per month with no hidden fees, pricing tiers, contracts, or prepayments. Cancel at any time and export your data with no questions asked.

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Toll-free phone and email support are available from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST from Monday through Friday at 1-877-784-9277 orsupport@vtiger.com

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Vtiger CRM On Demand is maintenance free and upgraded bi-monthly. No more downloads, installations, or data loss!

SAN CRM Modules - Key Modules

SAN CRM supports a number of different aspects of Sales Force Automation.

  • Lead Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Account Management
  • Contact Management
  • Calendar and Activity Management
  • Reports & Dashboards

Lead Management

Sales leads are a vital resource for sales and SAN CRM offers sales teams a full range of lead management functions.

  • Manage leads end-to-end (from creating leads to converting them into opportunities)
  • Capture leads directly from your Web site and transfer to SAN CRM
  • Customize online lead form as per your organization requirements
  • Import leads from external sources, such as Web downloads, trade shows, seminars, direct mail, and other types of campaigns
  • Add multiple products to the leads
  • Qualify leads to next stage based on information captured in lead details
  • Convert leads into sales opportunities, accounts, and contacts with a single-click
  • Lead conversion mapping for all the custom fields
  • Create fully customizable lead reports
  • Export leads to spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft® Excel®, OpenOffice®, and others for further analysis

Opportunity Management

Opportunity Management is another important sales function covered by SAN CRM.  Opportunities are labeled Potentials in SAN CRM.  SAN includes the following features for Opportunity Management:

  • Track all sales opportunities end-to-end in a sales cycle
  • Associate opportunities with accounts, contacts, activities, and other modules to have a better visibility on the opportunities
  • Generate quotes, sales orders, and invoices from the potentials
  • Create fully customizable opportunity reports
  • Export opportunities to spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft® Excel®, OpenOffice® and others to analyze the sales pipeline and quickly identify the bottlenecks if any

Account Management

  • Track all accounts and related contacts, opportunities, cases, and other details from a common repository
  • Specify parent-child relationships between accounts and their subsidiaries or other divisions
  • Import accounts from external sources, such as ACT, GoldMine, and other applications
  • Generate quotes, sales orders, and invoices for the accounts
  • Track purchase history of the customers and analyze opportunities for up selling and cross selling
  • Create fully customizable account reports
  • Export accounts to spreadsheet software (such as Microsoft® Excel®, OpenOffice®, and others) to analyze the buying patterns of a customers and set up loyalty programs
  • Attach customer-specific documents to accounts for a quick reference in future

Contact Management

  • Track all contacts and related opportunities, cases, activities, and other details from a common repository
  • Create the hierarchy of contacts within a company to have a better coordination while dealing with customers
  • Import contacts from external sources, such as ACT, GoldMine, and other applications
  • Export contacts to spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft® Excel®, OpenOffice®, and others for further analysis
  • Synchronize contacts with Microsoft® Outlook®

Calendar and Activity Management

  • Add all important customer-related e-mails to SAN CRM for quick reference in future
  • Store all the details of customer meetings and calls in an intuitive calendar
  • Manage daily tasks of the SAN CRM users to have a streamlined sales process

Reports & Dashboards

  • Pre-build reports for sales force automation
  • Sales pipeline analysis by stage
  • Monthly Sales pipeline analysis
  • Sales opportunities by lead source
  • Drill-down the dashboards by time and opportunity stage
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Customer Relation Management
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • FMCG

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