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Allergan India Cases Study

Key Challenge
Typical sales force automation (SFA) applications do little more than capture data, and are largely disconnected from other enterprise systems and the actual sales process. Representatives must work around the system with manually created spreadsheets, reports and forecasts. Sales methodologies are inconsistently applied. And the selling process cannot be adjusted to accommodate important differences, such as business units type, geography, customer, sales team or individual sales representative.

The Solution
SANeFORCE.com Force Automation eliminates the disconnect with an innovative solution that enhances success at every stage in the sales life cycle.

By combining sales force automation with SANeFORCE.com's market-leading business process management capabilities, SANeFORCE.com SFA helps you optimize sales execution. Only SANeFORCE.com offers intelligent guidance, task automation from lead to fulfillment, and unprecedented agility to instantly adapt your sales process. With SANeFORCE.com, you can quickly standardize the sales process across multiple business units, products, team members, geographies, accounts and channels and dynamically adapt to each. specialized circumstance.

SANeFORCE.com Helps Allergan India Attain Greater Sample Accountability

The Challenge:
When making sample calls to physicians' offices, the Allergan India sales force was using a paper-based system that complicated tracking and accounting for inventories of drug samples, deliveries, transfers and returns. With heightened enforcement of sample accountability under the Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA), the paper-based system presented serious compliance issues.

The Solution:
Allergan India chose to replace their paper-based system with the SAN SFA (Sales Force Automation) Software Suite from SANeFORCE.com. Mr. Ganesan, Manager of Sales Operations for Allergan India, chose SAN SFA because it was designed with the needs of pharmaceutical sales representatives in mind. Unlike competing products which featured a host of "bells and whistles," SAN SFA was streamlined, powerful, and user friendly. As a result, Mr. Ganeshan was able to train his entire sales force on the system in a single day.

When Allergan India went live with a pilot of the system, nine Allergan India representatives with varying levels of tenure and computer expertise were selected to test the product. Their response was so enthusiastic that Allergan India decided to adopt SAN SFA for its entire sales force.

The Results:
The SANeFORCE.com solution exceeded the objectives of Allergan India, making sample accountability and PDMA compliance easier and more accurate than ever before, and providing sales representatives with a powerful but easy-to-use tool for storing and retrieving critical information.

When leaving samples, sales representatives are now able to ensure compliance with the PDMA by thoroughly documenting the type and number of drug samples or inventories they have left with each physician. Accountability is easier because the physician simply signs the sales rep's computer and the signature is automatically preserved electronically.

In the field, sales representatives can look out over their territories, determine which physicians prescribe specific drugs, view market intelligence about physicians, and create a plan around that data. SAN SFA also allows pharmaceutical representatives to better prepare for sales calls by receiving the most recent market intelligence available about physicians, as well as the drugs they prescribe.

Allergan India has also been able to use SAN SFA to automate and streamline their sample ordering system. Now, based on data entered by the sales representatives, management can view and evaluate trends and adjust sample distribution, as well as forecast future demand for the firm's products.

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